YAHOO! NEWS' FULL COVERAGE ON BREAST CANCERThe very latest news from many sources, plus resources from around the Web. Continuous updates -- a must-see.

MAYO CLINIC BREAST CANCER DECISION GUIDE has tools to help decide which treatment is best, browse all drugs by name and category, health risk assessment, basic anatomy, more.

NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE offers a "wide range of accurate, credible info reviewed by oncology experts, based on latest research", including resuts of clinical trials.

CANCERFACTS has comprehensive Cancer Centers for breast, bladder, cervical, colorectal, kidney, melanoma, ovarian, prostate, and uterine cancer.  Its Cancer Profiler is "a unique interactive cancer info service that helps patients make treatment decisions".

SUSAN LOVE MD offers advice on making medical decisions and living with the disease.  It emphasizes taking charge of one's health and features an online community section with chats.

UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA CANCER CENTER ONCOLINK contains info on types of cancer, treatment, psychosocial support and personal experiences, grief/end of life issues, causes, screening, prevention, support groups, research, links, financial issues... more.

UNIV OF TEXAS MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER is ranked by US News and World Report as one of two best cancer centers. Explains what you need to know about breast cancer , breast cancer in minority women, and your chance of getting breast cancer. Extensive materials on understanding, preventing, surviving cancer, more. Discusses its International Patients program.

MEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER CENTER is ranked by US News and World Report as one of two best cancer centers. Provides info on prevention, detection, treatment, psychosocial issues, reconstruction, research, international program, cancer resource links...more.
Breast Self-exam:
To get started: Check your breasts 3 days after your period ends (or on the first day of the month, if you no longer have periods). You may want to do this while you are in the shower. While your body is wet and soapy, use the pads of 3 fingers (using 3 kinds of pressure -- light, medium, and deep) to check both breasts for lumps. Move your fingers in  circles or rows whichever is comfortable to you.
Areas to check:
Outside -- armpit to collar bone, and below breast
Middle -- the breast itself
Inside -- the nipple area.
Things to look for after you shower:
Liquid coming from your nipples
Puckering of the skin
Redness or swelling
Change in size or shape
Breast self-examination can also be done lying down in bed. Do the test in whatever place or position seems most comfortable and effective for you. If  you feel any lumps or see any changes, call your doctor. REMEMBER: Women usually find lumps themselves. Most breast lumps are not cancer.  Finding breast cancer early is your BEST CHANCE FOR CURE.

TRICARE : Official US Department of Defense military healthcare system website.  Comprehensive!

THE NEW THINKING ON BREAST CANCER, Time Magazine, US Edition, February 18, 2002 Vol. 159 No. 7 (or Asia Edition, February 25, 2002 Vol.159 No.7).  "What every woman should know.  The smartest drugs, the gentlest treatments, the latest on mammograms.  Do mammograms work?  Is chemotherapy necessary?  Are the tiniest tumors being over-treated?  The news on breast-cancer research that could save lives."
Cover Stories:
1. Rethinking Breast Cancer: A guide to saving lives
2. Estrogen: A villain and a possible savior
3. First Person: Molly Ivins - Who needs breasts, anyway?
4. Mammography: What all the fuss is about
1. Anatomy of a Tumor
2. Cutting Edge Treatments
TIME's past covers on cancer
Resources on breast cancer
TIME Archive: Cancer coverage from 1985-2002

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY is a nationwide, community- based voluntary health organization headquartered in Atlanta. Site contains information about the nature of breast cancer, causes, risk factors, and the latest strategies for prevention, diagnostic techniques, and treatment options.
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Risk Reduction
1. Eat a variety of healthful foods, with an emphasis on plant sources.
   -Eat 5 or more servings of a variety of vegetables and fruits each day.
   -Choose whole grains in preference to processed (refined) grains and sugars.
   -Limit consumption of red meats, especially those high in fat and processed.
   -Choose foods that maintain a healthful weight.
2. Adopt a physically active lifestyle.
   -Adults: engage in at least moderate activity for 30 minutes or more on 5 or more days of   the week; 45 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous activity on 5 or more days per week may further enhance reductions in the risk of breast and colon cancer.
   -Children and adolescents: engage in at least 60 minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous  physical activity at least 5 days per week.
3. Maintain a healthful weight throughout life.
   -Balance caloric intake with physical activity.
   -Lose weight if currently overweight or obese.
4. If you drink alcoholic beverages, limit consumption.

FIGHT FOR A CURE (UK) : Oct 2003, Botley Park Hotel, Golf & Leisure Club, Botley, Hampshire - In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as featured in United Kingdom's BREAST CANCER CARE website, Southampton-based IBM-EMEA Operations Manager Brenda Martinez-Eslinger SPCM HS'75 organized Muay Thai kickboxing sessions that taught overflow crowds basic self-defense techniques, fitness drills and health and wellness tips. Participants were requested to seek sponsorships. All proceeds went to BREAST CANCER CARE, UK's leading provider of breast cancer info and support. For inquiries, email Brenda at or visit her website at All the best, Brenda!

KOMEN'S BREAST CANCER INFO is a public service of the world-renowned Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It has extensive facts and figures, Q&A, risk factors,  US 1-800 contact, Race/Rally for a Cure schedule...more.

NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF BREAST CANCER ORGANIZATIONS provides up-to-date news bulletins/flashes, breast cancer facts, extensive list of  support groups and resources, info on breast cancer events year-round.

THE BREAST CANCER SITE funds mammograms for underprivileged. Anybody can donate free just by visiting.  NBCF affiliate. A sister site of .

Y-ME NATIONAL BREAST CANCER ORGANIZATION  has extensive info on treatment options and potential side effects, types of breast cancer, recommended earlier detection methods and the purpose of clinical trials, breast cancer in men, access to free programs for patients, family, friends and caregivers, more.  Breast self-exam how-to chart. (PDF file -- get free Adobe reader.)
Early Detection Methods
1. Get a routine mammogram.  First mammogram at age 40; annually thereafter.
2. Breast exam should be part of routine medical checkup. If 20 or older, see your doctor once a year.
3. Do breast self-exam once a month. Sometimes a lump may be felt but not seen on a mammogram. If you find something unusual, see a doctor. A LUMP YOU FIND SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED.

PHILIPPINE BREAST CANCER NETWORK is a nongovernmental organization reaching out to spread breast cancer awareness in the Philippines. It was founded by Mrs. Rosa F. Meneses.  

THE BREAST CANCER FUND is working towards more reliable breast cancer detection, nontoxic therapies, elimination of preventable causes.  Women's advocacy organizations.  Download self-exam card. (PDF file -- get free Adobe reader.)
Things that may lower breast cancer risk and good for overall health:
1. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, soy foods. Eat less meat, fish,dairy.
2. Don't smoke. Stay away from second-hand smoke.
3. If you drink, drink moderately. Avoid hard liquor. Glass of wine with dinner ok.
4. Stay away from cancer-causing substances. No chemical weed/bug killers in home and garden. Use non-toxic cleaners, like baking soda, vinegar. Use glass and ceramic containers not plastic, especially in microwave.
5. Keep all electrical appliances as far away from your body as you can.
6. Be cautious and informed about all uses of medical radiation on your body.
7. Exercise reduces risk of breast cancer. Any amount is good.  Build regular, rigorous exercise permanently into your life.
8. Stay informed about medical advancements.

GILDA'S CLUB WORLDWIDE "provides places where people with cancer and their families and friends join with others to build social and emotional support as supplement to medical care".  Free of charge and nonprofit, it has affiliates in US, Canada, UK.

NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION educates public on early breast cancer detection and free/low-cost mammography to underserved women. News, myths, FAQ.
Breast Cancer Myths (For the truths, go to NBCF.)
1. Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.
2. Men do not get breast cancer.
3. A mammogram can cause breast cancer to spread.
4. Having a family history of breast cancer places you in a higher risk group for breast cancer.
5. Breast cancer is a communicable disease.
6. Knowing you have changes in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene means you can prevent breast cancer.
7. A mammogram is a cure for breast cancer.
8. One mammogram is all you ever need.
9, A mammogram is not effective in detecting breast cancer in dense breast tissue.
10. Breast size affects the risk of breast cancer.
11. Women under the age of 50 do not benefit from mammograms.
12. Women with known risk factors are the only ones who get breast cancer.
13. All races have equal death rates from breast cancer.
14. Breast feeding causes breast cancer.
15. Self-examination is all that is needed to detect breast cancer.

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH NEWS ONLINE contains info on alternative, complementary, preventive health news -- diet / nutrition, mind / body control, manual healing, longevity.

GERSON THERAPY is a "natural treatment that boosts your body's own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases".

CHINA NO.1 NEW TIAN XIAN LIQUID is "an alternative dietary food supplement to help destroy, control and inhibit cancer by strengthening the body's immune system".

GLO-HERBAL is a liquid food supplement that "boosts our own immune system to fight off and defeat many illnesses" made by Rey Herrera of 44 Sta. Barbara St. Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City, RP; tel (632) 937-6080 / 936-1594. Featured on TFC's Magandang Gabi Bayan in Mar 2001, the herbalist warns of imitations. RP Department of Health advisory.

US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION is "foremost consumer protection agency and center for drug evaluation and research".  Oncology Tools has info on US-approved drug therapies.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION guards versus scams. Provides diet, health and fitness information and protection. File complaints online.

QUACKWATCH is a "guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisions".  Special message for cancer patients seeking alternative treatment.

AMERICAN BOARD OF MEDICAL SPECIALTIES provides info on what medical specialties / subspecialties your US doctor is board-certified in.  Member boards.

PHARMACIST is single-source site for resources vital to professional development of pharmacists. Project of American Pharmaceutical Association and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

WEBMD is a comprehensive online health resource for authoritative info on health and medical matters, support communities and breaking news. Extensive health and med library.

DRKOOP  is a consumer healthcare network providing users "with trusted healthcare content, services and tools to empower them to better manage their health."

HEALTHAtoZ links to health sites, complementary / alternative medicine, community chat / forums.

HEALTHFINDER is a government guide to reliable info with links to federally-funded sites.

EMORY UNIV HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARY'S MEDWEB is a large online medical library. 

MEDLINEPLUS is National Library of Medicine's consumer-health site  Millions of articles on health and drug info, dictionaries, AMA and ADA directories.

GOOGLE -- top search engine listing 290 (and growing) breast-cancer related sites.

CNN/HEALTH provides latest updates on health issues.

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