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SPCM High School Grand Alumnae Homecoming! SPCM Quadrangle, 30 Jan 2000.
Silver Jubilee 2000
SPCM Campus,
30 Jan 00.
TIPAR 2000,
Manila Polo Club.
28 Jan 00.
High School Glee Club Reunion

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Above: seated--Beth Bellido, Ludgie Sioson, Daisy Santillan, Yeyette Hernandez, Rocky Yupangco, Gina Pedro, Malu Lontok, Cookie Yap
standing--Shella Navarro, Ching Llagas, Ginny Chico, Sunny, Yambi Yambao, Sherry Fernandez, Winifred Medina, Lia Jovellanos, Effie Espino, Dettie Tesoro, Mona Dolor, Evelyn Angeles, Marissa Martinez, Malu Santos, Malen Hernandez, Carol Gochoco, Dolly Tesoro, Mina Florentino.

Below:  Agnes Reyes, Menchu Palma, Tejie Tejada, Bina Melwani, Yambi Yambao.

Bottom:  Doris Teruel, Mina Florentino, Cris Alvina, Shella Navarro, Isabel Valdez, Cecile Hernandez, Malu Santos, Daisy Santillan, Ludgie Sioson. That's Sr Luisa watching.
Our Homecoming was graced by the presence of Ms. Loreto Romualdez Ramos.  A member of  SPCM HS '30, she was the most senior alumna who attended this year.  She wore her original uniform and performed a violin solo during our program.  Salamat po!

Shown with Ms Ramos above are our classmates Marissa Maceda, Susan Milan, Bina Melwani, Malen Hernandez, Ludgie Sioson , Daisy Santillan, Joyce Tioseco, and Laurie Manalo. 

(Quick trivia:  there are 3 finance/bank veeps in the pic -- Ludgie with Great Pacific,  Daisy with National Home Mortgage, and Laurie with Bank of America.  We're proud of you, ladies!)
Coming Home 2000 -- at the Quadrangle!
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