All-Star Alumnae Glee Club Concert ’04 -- now planning!

Invitation to join from Fr James Reuter c/o Elnora Aquilizan Duran HS'66


Organized in 2003, the Paulinian Alumnae Glee Club performed for the first time during the “Cherish – a Paulinian Moment” - SPCM Homecoming on 25 Jan 2004.  Among the members - Noemi Manikan HS’66, Wynna Medina HS’68, Lulu Tesoro HS’58, Emilie Simon HS’70, Marites Guidote HS’66 and Ofelia Gaite HS’71 (President and Treasurer of the St Paul Manila Alumnae Foundation Inc, respectively). Above: Tita Loring Romualdez Ramos HS’30 played the violin while Noemi Manikan sang "Somewhere over the rainbow".


From: "norie duran" < >


Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 9:32 AM

Subject: alumni concert


Dear fellow Paulinians,

It's been ages since we had any communication and it's about time we planned for something big again where we can work as a group.


Yesterday, Malou Reyes-Hernandez HS'68 and I visited Fr. Reuter to ask for his advice on a proposed alumni glee club concert sometime end of November and first week fo December. We said we'd like to put together every Paulinian who can sing and those who were part of the musicales we had at the Fleur de Lis during our "Broadway of Herran" days. It's a "coming home" thing and the peformance will be one of the first (probably the first concert) that will be held in the newly renovated Fleur de Lis auditorium. The news got Fr. Reuter excited and he rambled on with the names of all our "celebrities" including Sr. Marie Vincent and Sr. Marie Paul, Noemi Manikan, Riqui Raymundo, Joy Soler, Sherry Lara and Celeste Legaspi, together with Cristina Castaner-Ponce Enrile, June Keithley, Lulu Tesoro, Baby and Maniya Barredo, Cecille Guidote, Charo Santos, Teresa Gomez, the Revilla Sisters, Pinky Marquez, Estrellita Orlino, the Santos Sisters, the Cendaña Sisters... and a lot more. He is asking everyone who loves St. Paul to be part of the concert. Can we make a go of this? He wants to know if you are willing to be part of this endeavor. We will meet with Fr. Reuter again on May 26 and we need to confirm the Paulinians who are committed to be part of this concert.


Sound of Music 1965: Tina Santos HS’65 (left-most, sister of Cecil ‘68+, Ditas ’75, Joji ’78) went on to become a world-renown prima ballerina; she now teaches dance and ballet in Florida; June Keithley HS’65 (rightmost) is one of the heroes of the ’86 EDSA Revolution. A Marian devotee, she’s a most respected broadcaster and producer / author of Catholic media.  (Source: )


Please pass this on to the different batches that you know… to every Paulinian you know so that we may know if we can give the "go" signal to do this concert.


We are counting on you...Norie


ALSO. . .

--  if you have any other "production talents" like props and costume design, back-stage crew, etc. . . .

--  if you have contacts so that we can put up the capital for the funding of this event . . .

--  if you have facilities for printing of tickets, souvenir program, etc ...

--  if you have talent in lay-outing, writing, etc. . .


Please inform:

Norie Duran HS'66 at <  > or

Malu Reyes Hernandez HS'68 at < > or

St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, Inc at < > / tel 5234259 (direct line) or 5245687 loc. 229.



Announcements, 21 Sep 2003

From Wynna Medina HS’68, Coordinator


1. We're still looking for members. We're 18 right now with several more indicating interest. But 30-40 would be an ideal number. We're hoping to get more volunteers, especially from HS’69 and younger batches. The senior batches are beginning to be well-represented. We've only had 2 rehearsals so far so it's not hard to catch up.



Alumnae Glee Club meeting, 20 Sep 03 – kneeling, L-R: Nadine Niguidula  HS’79, Lelet Guerrero Cruz  HS’79, Nina Batto Ganal HS’65; middle: Sr. Maria Anunciata Sta Ana, SPC


2nd row, standing: Elena Ponce Cruz HS’64, Sandy Senador Cipriano HS’68, Josefina Bañas Malvar HS’54, Lulu Reyes Hernandez HS’68, Luisa Andal HS’68, Mina Medina Panlilio HS’66, Elnora Aquilizan Duran HS’66, Winifred Medina Albano HS’75, Girlie Chua Kitami HS’68, Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila (PAAM) President Marites Guidote Aguirre HS’66, Dr. Winnie Lucena HS’59


Back: Ofelia Gaite Fausto HS’71 (black blouse), Alumnae Glee Club Coordinator and (as of 1 May 2003) SPUM President Wynna Medina HS’68 (blue blouse)


2. We've started rehearsing the major piece we'll sing for the Homecoming Mass in January. "Misa ng Sambayanan" is a composition of Sr. Anunciata. We all agree that it's the best version of the Gloria we've ever heard. It's so beautiful we still get goose bumps whenever we rehearse. We're doing only two voices for January. However, Sr. Anunciata has said we still sound good (hallelujah!) so we'll probably sing with the Sisters in the October 2004 mass at the Manila Cathedral. For this mass, this piece will be sung in 6 voices!



SPCM AGC First Meeting, 31 Aug 2003

Meeting Minutes courtesy of Wynna Medina HS’68, Coordinator


Here are the main points of SPCM Alumnae Glee Club’s first meeting, including schedule of rehearsals, and names of those who said they'd like to join. Please inform others too.



Coming Home 2000: The reunited SPCM – Ateneo de Manila High School Glee Clubs of the ‘70s bring the house down… just like old times... all over again!  L-r: Carina Carpio ’76, Lui Galvez ’76, Cris Alvina ‘75, Mae Cendana ’75, Jess Lantin AHS’75, Katrina Ponce-Enrile ’77, Donna Grande ’77, Pinky Marquez ’75, Ayie Cruz ’77.  More photos.



Immediate Plans

1. In preparation for the 2004 January Homecoming program, rehearsals will be for 2 hours every Saturday, starting September 13.


2. Schedules will alternate between morning and evening rehearsals to accommodate those who have Saturday work. See below.


3. Since rehearsals will not only include learning the pieces for January but also include voice lessons, blending, etc. all members are encouraged to have complete attendance in all meetings. Special considerations will be made for work and family matters. For January schedules, 100% attendance is expected.


4. January commitment:

-- Mass for Homecoming Day, January 25 (repertoire to be selected by Sr. Anunciata)

-- Opening number of Jubilarians' program (Tonight, from West Side Story; musical arrangement c/o HS'79).


5. Formal organization plans and future programs beyond January will be determined in a special meeting to be called sometime before the year ends. Until such time, Wynna Medina (HS'68) will serve as coordinator, and Lulu Hernandez-Reyes (HS’68) will be assistant coordinator.


6. The SPCM Alumnae Glee Club will be a major undertaking of the SPCM Alumnae association.  Membership will be limited to alumnae of SPCM only and initial membership will be limited to a maximum of 40 members.


7. Tentative 2004 Programs -- depending upon readiness of the group, it may:

-- perform with the SPC Sisters at the Manila Cathedral for the SPC Centennial celebration in October 2004. The group's readiness will be the decision of Sr. Anunciata.

-- hold a major concert in October 2004. Repertoire will include classical numbers, religious songs like Negro spirituals, selection of Broadway hits, and other songs for which SPCM Glee Club was known.


1973: SPCM and Ateneo High School Glee Clubs staged successful joint concerts at the Philamlife Auditorium (Manila) -- "One Plus One" in March and "Flipside" in December. There's Pinky Marquez, Tejie Tejada, Cris Alvina, Lorraine Caguioa, Tawie Fojas, Marivic Resurreccion, Lui Galvez.....more. Check out their 1999 Reunion!


MEMBERSHIP ROSTER: First 16 names were present for first meeting, Aug 31. Others indicated interest in joining.

1. Josefina Bañas-Malvar HS'54 ** 2. Dr. Winnie Lucena HS'59 ** 3. Maria Elena Ponce Cruz HS'64 ** 4. Elnora Aquilizan-Duran  HS 66 ** 5. Antonina Batto-Ganal HS'65 ** 6. Marites Guidote-Aguirre HS'66 ** 7. Mina Medina-Panlilio HS'66 ** 8. Wynna Medina HS'68 ** 9. Luisa Andal  HS'68 ** 10. Girlie Chua-Kitami HS'68 ** 11. Lulu Reyes-Hernandez  HS'68 ** 12. Sandra Senador-Cipriano HS'68 ** 13. Ofelia Gaite-Fausto HS'71 ** 14. Winifred Medina-Albano HS'75 ** 15. Lelet Guerrero-Cruz HS'79 ** 16. Nadine Niguidula  HS'79 ** 17. Lulu Tesoro Castaneda HS'58 ** 18. Noemi Manikan-Gomez HS'66 ** 19. Mayda Angsico-Tankiang HS'66 ** 20. Maribel Escover HS'68 ** 21. Corito Abaya-Sevilla HS'68 ** 22. Mita Tesoro-Gutierrez HS '68 ** 23. Carmela Lagdameo-Coson HS'68 ** 24. Alice Legaspi-Roco HS'68 ** 25. Wendy Medina-Tumolva GS'73 ** 26. Cindy Marquez HS'74 ** 27. Pinky Marquez HS'75 ** 28. Florian Nuval HS'75 ** 29. Janette San Juan-Hernandez HS'76 ** 30. Anna May Interior-Cruz HS '78 ** 31. Lelin Guerrero-Golamco HS'79 ** 32. Twinkle Cruz HS'79 ** 33. Eunice Abad Coll'95


For further info, contact Wynna Medina at or call SPCM Alumnae Office at (63-2) 524-5687 loc 229 (voice) / (63-2) 523-4259 / email and look for Veronica.


First rehearsal will be Saturday morning, Sept 13, 9:30am -11:30 am, SPCM Conservatory of Music, Music Room.



Wynna Medina HS’68

SPCM Alumnae Glee Club Coordinator



An Invitation


To:                  All Paulinian Alumnae of SPCM

From:              The PAAM Board


Date:               Thu, Aug 14, 2003


The PAAM Board invites all interested SPCM alumnae to join the soon-to-be-formed PAULINIAN ALUMNAE GLEE CLUB to be trained by Sr. Maria Anunciata Sta. Ana, SPC.  Whether you were a former glee club member or not, for so long as you can carry a tune and have the interest and the commitment to attend all scheduled practice sessions, you are welcome.



SPCM High School Glee Club 1978: among others, they won the silver medal in the San Beda Choral Competitions that year. R: ’78 batchmates Marla Cuevas and Marela Mijares. Aside from being a gifted literary writer (she’s currently an editor with Southern California’s Orange County Register), Marel is also a talented music composer; her composition won in the Second Metro Pop Music Festival!


The initial meeting and 1st training session will be on Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 10:00a.m. sharp at the Music Department of St. Paul College of Manila.  It is our desire that the launching and debut performance of the glee club be held during our Alumnae Homecoming on January 25, 2004.


Please call the Alumnae Office (c/o Veronica Villanueva BSC ’81) at 5234259 (direct line) or 5245687 loc. 229 and have your name listed down.  You may also send an email to  Kindly also inform your classmates of this invitation.  We hope that we will have members representing each and every batch.


Thank you and see you back at SPCM!

(The above message was sent through Nadine Niguidula, 2004 Silver Jubilarian HS 79 Program Coordinator / 2004 Homecoming Committee Co-chair / PAAM Board member. She can be reached at


Join SPCM Alumnae Glee Club!


From: Wynna Medina SPCM GS’64 / HS’68 / College ‘72

Subject: Alumnae Glee Club

Date:  Sun Jul 13, 2003 


To all fellow Paulinians,

Sr. Anunciata is now head of the SPCM music program again. She's also part of the group that's planning for the centennial celebrations of the congregation in the Philippines. The first group of nuns arrived in the Philippines in October 1904.  There are a lot of programs lined up starting in October 2003 but she was thinking of putting up a glee club concert in October 2004 featuring old favorites like The Happy Wanderer (more commonly known as Valderi ...)


Alumnae Glee Club Coordinator Wynna Medina and family: Mr and Mrs Rodolfo Medina, Wilma K’70, Wynna HS’68/Coll’72, Wendeline GS’73, Gerardo K’67, Winifred HS’75, Wonina HS’72, Wilhelmina HS’66, and Wanda HS’71(+).  Source: SPCM HS’75 Silver Jubilee Yearbook.


She wants to know how many of us are interested in joining this glee club. It will consist of any  SPCM alumna -- it does not matter if you've never been with the glee club - and faculty members. Why so early? Because she has to retrain us again. No more auditions, just a willingness to come for practice.

How often will the practice be? Initially, she was thinking of once every 2 weeks -- I don't know what time, and for how long. These details can be worked out once a group is organized. She'll call for a meeting when she knows who are really interested. But definitely to be organized by September 2003 at the latest.


The 2004 concert is not a one-time affair. If possible, Sr. wants this glee club to be a continuing organization.


Please send me an email ( or contact Sr. A. directly ( Let me know asap.



(SPCM HS’75 note:  Wynna is SPCM HS’68 Batch Chair.)


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