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“Cherish – A Paulinian Moment”

SPCM General Alumnae Homecoming, 25 Jan 2004.



(Story and photos courtesy of Carol Garcia-Beltran HS’79, as posted in )

SPCM HS’79 on stage!


It was a blast.  Last Jan. 24, we first had lunch at Imperial Dragon (a block away from SPCM) and had a mini-program, and Aileen, aka "Tita T" and Bochie were the emcees -- with this combination, what would you expect!


SPCM HS’79 ladies at Imperial Dragon with their GREASE t-shirts on. (Rochie Pedersen’s photo)


After lunch, we proceeded back to SPCM with our batch T-shirt on; you'll see it soon in pictures.  We had practice for our "GREASE" dance number and with the other jubilarians with their respective dance numbers.


L-R: Terai Crisostomo, Marj Chua, Lou Vital, Sors Castro, Millette Franco, Lelet Guerrero, ’79 chair Chiqui Escareal. (Marj Chua’s photo)


On Jan. 25, we went to school in our school uniform -- we really looked and felt like high school students.  Lumabas ang  kulitan at parang mga kiti-kiti lalo na sa kodakan.  The program itself was GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, etc. 






Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2004 10:29 PM

Subject: [spcm] Homecoming 2004


Dear Classmates,


The homecoming 2004 is finally over.  And it was great.  The Alumnae of SPCM came together to support the Jubilarians and the newly-formed St Paul Manila Alumnae Foundation.

The program was held at the quadrangle because the auditorium is still being renovated.  Imagine one big stage at the corner near the flagole with two wide screens on both sides.  Full production numbers and very game na game jubilarians. The whole event was handled by who also handled, if I am not mistaken, last year's homecoming.   Norie Aquilizan-Duran HS 66 (sister of Carmencita Aquilizan of HS 74) handled the program for the Foundation.


SPCM HS’79 on the chapel steps for the traditional jubilarian photo. 


The theme was “Cherish - a Paulinian Moment” and the program went from one era to another - rock and roll, motown, beatles and Grease era.  The Golden also performed a Flamenco number.  Ms. Mercado, our english teacher also performed - ala Elvis Presley complete with Teddy Bears. Tawang-tawa siya when I started reciting "The Creation."  She couldn't imagine how I could still remember that Grade 3 poem.  Also met Ms. Limson there.   HS 74 had one fun dance.  I remember they also performed very well during their Silver Jubilee - they did Sister Act naman at that time.  What really amazed me was the participation of all their jubilarian years.  Ang ganda.  Kudos to their choreographers - Girlie Garcia (HS 79) and Kang Dizon (HS 74) plus other Paulinians who choreographed their batches.  May nag-aerobics dancing pa nga.  And for the first time, the Paulinian Alumnae Glee Club performed.  Among the members - sina Noemi Manikan, Wynna Media, Lulu Tesoro, Emilie Simon, Marites Guidote and Ofelia Gaite (President and Treasurer of the Board, respectively).  Tita Loring Romualdez Ramos played the violin while Noemi Manikan sang "Somewhere over the rainbow."  At the end of the program, my throat was painful na from all the screaming.  We had a mutual admiration society going.  Kasi when Marites, Ofelia, and I danced "Bali Hai" with Chiqui and Girlie and another HS 79 member, Aileen, Batch 74 were all screaming.  So when they danced naman,  kami naman ang scream to death.  It was really fun.


SPCM HS’79 group hug!


Two of my sisters were jubilarians,  Chiqui HS 79 was homecoming chair (like moi) and Weng (HS 74) was a Pearl Jubilarian.Sister of Florian, Marisa Martinez sis-in-law and Milagros Tobias' sisters were all jubilarians.  Kaya they also attended along with Dettie (with Tom in tow) and Janette SJ.  Rose Taberrah was also there but I was not able to see her cuz was too busy moving around.  Other batches were so well represented too. Saw Ayi Cruz (HS 77) and Malene Baron (HS 78) and Ruby Abasolo (HS 80).  Batch 76 was represented by Janette and Mila Tobias.  And daming dumating that we ran out of name tags.  The quadrangle was full to the brim.  Registration was handled thru computers (so they know kung dumating ng ang classmate mo o hindi).  Fireworks followed courtesy of SPCM.


BTW, our Pauline mascot is now the official mascot of the Alumnae.  Part of our fund-raising was the sale of pillows that bore Pauline.  It will be featured in the next alumnews.  Would also like to know if you have been receiving your copies of the Alumnae newsletter.


About the 2004 SPC Centennial Raffle naman, there were 10000 tickets printed and possibly 90% sold; there were 20 consolation prizes plus 4 major prizes.  The car went to the cousin of Ruby Yap HS ‘74.  Good news is that we were able to raise mga P1.8 million.  From the net proceeds we were able to give to 3 beneficiaries - Our Lady of the Peace Hospital, the SPC Vigil House and the SPCM museum. The Foundation also received P150,000 as seed money for its operations.  The whole program was funded by this raffle.  Over-all, with Chiqui as Raffle Chair, this is one of the biggest fund-raising efforts by the whole SPCM family.  And all batches supported it. 


OK. So now the hard work.  PEARL JUBILARIANS TAYO NEXT YEAR!!!!!


I guess you all know what that means.  I already talked to Ruby Dizon Abasolo of HS ‘80 and we are going to schedule a meeting of jubilarians soon.  Told her to allow us to wind up this year's homecoming first before we move on to tackle the next.  While she told me that the program this year will be a tough act to follow, I told her not to worry cuz we will all support her.  Besides, that's what I heard about our program too - tough act to follow.  Fact of the matter is, it was followed and even bettered.  Now what is needed is to sustain this momentum.  And we will need all your support. 


SPCM HS’79 jubilarians at the quad!



Would like your feedback - you want a TIPAR 2005?  an Asian cruise?  A trip to Palawan (Lia is based there now.)  Sabihin niyo lang.  Gagawin talaga namin.  Basta madami ang mag-request ha?  FYI,  wala si Mae, Zamby, Lia and as of now, Malu Santos dito sa Manila.  So the Core group left are Pinky, Dettie, Dolly, Florian, Janette and Pita.  Plan to call our grand reunion sometime May or if someone is coming home, around that time - will work on that target date.





PAAM’s Paulinian Alumnae Card Project

Launch date: 25 Jan 2004 -- SPCM General Alumnae Homecoming Sunday!

About the Project

Proposed Card

Solicitation Letter

Sample Contract

Alumnae Info Form

Scoop from Sunny Escareal-Velasco HS’75:

31 Aug 2003

Dear fellow Paulinians,

Please find below information on Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila’s Alumnae Card project.  The PAAM Board is asking everyone to help disseminate the info to all alumnae. We’re trying to jumpstart the Association by gathering info about our alumnae and also by giving them privilege cards that can be used for discounts and freebies.  Eventually, we will be coming out with a directory of Paulinian professionals -- doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc.  I have already approached the Tesoro twins – Dettie and Dolly -- and Alice Dizon's sister, Susan HS’68 and Susie Crisotomo's sister, Terai HS’79.  Malu Santos and Malu Lontok are also helping me out by enlisting their businesses as establishments that will give special discounts or services to Paulinians.

Please note, as head of PAAM’s Ways and Means Committee, I am asking all our batchmates to support this fund-raising project.  I know that this card will be of use mainly to those of us who are Manila-based, but we are hoping that even those abroad will support this if only to help the association with its numerous projects and charitable work.


(SPCM HS’75 chairperson Sunny Escareal-Velasco is Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila’s VP for External Affairs. She concurrently presides over PAAM’s Ways and Means Committee and can be reached at


Sunny and all her siblings attended SPCM -- The Escareals in 2000 (l-r): Rosario HS’71 / BSN ’76, Meo K’68 and wife Joyce, Sunny and hubby Kiko Velasco, Justice and Mrs Romeo Escareal, Celia HS’67 and hubby Danny Sandejas, Weng HS’74 and hubby Mandy Magpayo, Chiqui HS’79 and hubby Josiah Go, and Amy HS’85.




31 August 2003

TO:                  All Paulinian Batch Reps

FROM:            The PAAM Board


The Alumnae Board will launch the Paulinian Alumnae Card during our Homecoming celebrations in January 2004.  It will primarily be an identification card that will ensure that you are registered with the alumnae office and entitled to receive the alumnae newsletter and other alumnae information and updates.  With the arrangements made with the school administration, the card will allow bearer entry to SPCM, use of its library facilities, use of the service outlets at the HRM Training Center (hotel), etc.

We are also now contacting business establishments, primarily those owned by Paulinians, and those in the immediate vicinity of the school, to provide discounts and other special privileges to holders of the card. 

We also hope to make arrangements with Paulinians in the medical and legal profession as well as other professional, whom bearers of the card can readily approach for their needs and/or requirements.

In preparation for this, we ask your help in disseminating to your classmates the information regarding this:

  1. provide them the enclosed info sheet to be filled up in legible handwriting or typed out
  2. register and choose which fee they wish to pay
  3. collect payments
  4. submit both payment and info sheet to alumnae office
  5. provide alumnae office with names and addresses of business establishments we can write to and include in our list

Attached is a copy of the
proposed alumnae card, a copy of the solicitation letter to business establishments and a sample contract that you can show around. Also attached is the Paulinian Alumnae Card Information Sheet.

Thank you for your invaluable assistance.


MARITES GUIDOTE-AGUIRRE, HS’66, AB’71                           

President, Paulinian Alumnae Association of Manila                              





(Not actual size)





St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, Inc.

680 Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines

Tel. No. (632) 523-4259;  (632) 524-5687 loc. 229


(Business Contact Person)

(Business Address)


Subject:  Paulinian Alumnae Card




Greetings from St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, Inc.

One of the goals of our association is to reach out to the graduates of St. Paul College of Manila (SPCM).  In line with this, we will be launching the Paulinian Alumnae Card on January 25, 2004.  This event will also be part of the yearlong celebration of the 100th year of the establishment of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in the Philippines in 2004.

We invite your company to be one in the select group of establishments who will offer discounts, services and other freebies to holders of the Paulinian Card.  This will be an annual commitment starting January 2004 and can be renewed on an annual basis.  Aside from the special offers that will come from various establishments, this card will also grant other services to our graduates from within the St. Paul system such as free use of library facilities, discounts from service outlets of the HRM Training Center and entry into SPCM, among others.  We attach a sample contract for your perusal.

For your reply, you may contact:

  1. SPCMFI office, c/o Veronica Villanueva at 523-4259 or 524-5687 loc 229 ; e-mail:;
  2. Ms. Marites Guidote-Aguirre at 931-8890 or 931-6555; or
  3. Mrs. Sunny Escareal-Velasco at 809-5892 or 0917-537-1084; e-mail:

We look forward to a relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both of us. 


Yours truly,





Ways and Means Committee Chairperson          





St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation, Inc.

St. Paul College of Manila

Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila


Attention: Mrs. Marites G. Aguirre, President
                 Mrs. Sunny E. Velasco, Ways and Means Committee Chairperson


Re:  Paulinian Alumnae Card


Dear Mesdames:


In reply to your letter regarding the Paulinian Alumnae Card, please be informed that we are interested in joining the list of your member-establishments.  In this regard, we are willing to offer the following:


[  ]  5 % discount on all products / services

[  ]  10% discount on all products / services

[  ]  free gift for 1st visit to store

[  ]  Gift certificate worth P_______ for purchases amounting to at least P_______

[  ]  Your choice of discount or freebies: __________________________________________________________________

It is understood that this offer is good for one year from January to December 2004 and will automatically renew for another year unless we inform you by way of written correspondence that we are discontinuing the tie-up with the SPMAFI.  We will require at least three months notice of discontinuance.


It is also understood that we will be given a copy of the list of establishments included in your membership list and any updates thereto.


Yours truly,


(Business Contact Person)



Alumnae Card Info Form












































FIRST NAME / MIDDLE NAME / FAMILY NAME (if married, maiden name-married name)






Civil Status


Name of Spouse




Family Name

First Name

Middle Name

No. of children:







PROFESSIONAL/BUSINESS INFORMATION   [  ] Currently Employed  [  ] Self-employed

Company name and address:








Year Graduated

College / Major / Other details (ex.  BS Nursing, BSC Accounting)





Grade School




High School

























Paulinian Chapter/ Organizations



If Paulinian undergraduate, please state level and school year last enrolled in St. Paul (e.g. 1st yr HS, 1974-1975)

Requirements, Procedures and Fees

Graduating Students

1.       2 pcs 1 x 1 ID picture (colored or black & white)                 

2.       Completed Paulinian Alumnae Card Information Sheet

3.       Alumnae Fee Receipt


1.      2 pcs 1 x 1 ID picture (colored or black & white)                 

2.      Photocopy of any 2 Ids (license, SSS, BIR, GSIS, company ID)

3.      Completed Paulinian Alumnae Card Information Sheet

4.        Alumnae Fee Receipt


1.       Present above requirements to Alumnae Office. 

2.       Check what type of card you are applying for. 

3.       Pay the corresponding Alumnae Fee and get receipt. 

4.       Wait for call to pick up Card.

  • Processing of Alumnae card is 45 working days.
  • Payment by check is payable to the St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation Inc.


[  ]  1 year : P250.00 

[  ]  5 years : P 1,200.00  

[  ]   Lifetime : P5,000.00 

Mailing Preference

[  ]  Home   [  ]  Office

I hereby certify that all the information contained in this form is true.



Batch:                                                                                    SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME / DATE

Received by:


Processed by:

O.R. No.

I.D. No.

Paulinian Alumnae Card Info Sheet, August 2003

SPCM Alumnae Survey ‘04

SPCM (now SPUM – St Paul University Manila) is requesting all alumnae to participate in the following survey, the results of which will be used as inputs to planning for the future at our Alma Mater.  Please email completed surveys to SPUM Strategic Planning Committee member Wynna Medina at not later than 30 April 04. Thanks!

SPCM HS’68 / College ’72 President Wynna Medina and family: Mr and Mrs Rodolfo Medina, (l-r) Wilma K’70, Wynna HS’68/Coll’72, Wendeline GS’73, Gerardo K’67, Winifred HS’75, Wonina HS’72, Wilhelmina HS’66, and Wanda HS’71(+).  Source: SPCM HS’75 Silver Jubilee Yearbook.

Date:  March 29, 2004

To:      All SPCM Alumnae

From: Wynna Medina

           SPCM Elem ’64, HS ’68, AB’72


SPCM, together with the SPC schools of Tuguegarao, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Surigao, and Quezon City, are now part of the St. Paul University System (SPUS). This recognition as a constituted university is the first ever granted by the Commission of Higher Education. Obviously, this act is trailblazing and the SPUS experience could have a marked influence in Philippine educational reform and management.


As part of its compelling drive to be a leader in Catholic education, SPCM, for several years now, has been taking a hard look at itself, both in terms of its past and its future. YOU are an integral part of what SPCM is now and we’d like you to help us shape its future.


I’ve been asked to help with SPCM’s strategic planning process and we’d like to get some of your perceptions.  As an alumna, your opinions will be extremely helpful to SPCM’s examination process. We’re sending this short questionnaire through the Alumnae Association and various Paulinian websites. We hope to get responses from various years.  PLEASE HELP by answering these open-ended questions as specifically as possible and email your responses to me by April 30, 2004. My email address is


[By the way, the name Saint Paul College of Manila (SPCM) no longer exists. It is now officially St. Paul University Manila (St. Paul University System.)  On a practical basis, this means we are now graduates of St. Paul University Manila. However, if I will refer to the school as SPUM, I’m sure you’ll get a bit disoriented so I will continue to use SPCM in this short document.] 


Thanks in advance for your help and candor. 



1.      How would you rate the education you got from SPCM? (Circle one number.)


1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

Very poor                                                                                                 Excellent


2.      What makes you say this? (Alternative question: Of what value has SPCM education been to you?)


3.      From your perspective, what does SPCM do really well?


4.      What do you believe are the 3 most important issues facing SPCM (or its students) today?


5.      If you could change one thing in SPCM, what would it be? Why?  (Alternative question:  If you could have changed anything about SPCM , what would it have been and why?)


6.      As an alumna, what are your expectations of your alma mater, if any?


7.      Other comments or suggestions





1.      What levels did you attend (or complete) in SPCM? (please answer as many as applicable)



Years attended

(indicate only if you remember)

Year graduated

(indicate only if you remember)





Grade school




High School





Please indicate certificate or degree:






2.      Other personal data about you that you’d like to share and would think helpful to our understanding of your responses.



Click to download MS Word version of survey. Please email completed surveys to Ms Wynna Medina at Thanks!

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