Mae Cendaña’s MS Bike Tour (Pleasanton CA 2004)  click here.


Dae Cendaña David takes on the Bay Area

26 Sep / 8pm, SomArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St, San Francisco CA: Mae Cendaña's daughter, UC Berkeley junior Tallulah Danielle "Dae" David SPC Pasig HS'00 sang her original compositions to open Literary & Performance Night of Kearny Street Workshop's APAture '03.   The intro below is from Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture 2003 Participating Artists page: 


“TALLULAH DANIELLE C. DAVID picked up a guitar 3 years ago and has been writing songs ever since. She has sung at UC Berkeley events such as the Pilipino Association benefit concert, What's Going On? Annual Maganda Magazine publication launchings, and open mics hosted by Theatre Rice! and the Asian Pacific American Student Development organization.  Aside from singing, Tallulah serves as the Youth Mentorship Co-coordinator under the Berkeley Pilipino Academic Student Services, extending mentorship programs to Pilipino Youth around the Bay Area.”  Dae’s APAture 2003 photos!


Berkeley Smash-hit SaturDae!

13 Mar 2004, Capoeira Arts Cafe, Berkeley CA: Dae Cendaña performed in "Where We Goin'" concert show presented by Cal Berkeley - Pilipino American Alliance to benefit Filipino-American WWII veterans. Scoop from Dae’s Mom, Mae:


Dae at the 2003-04 UCB PASS Staff Retreat.


“Dae's performance was a smash hit! She sang three songs including her own composition, "Foolish”, a rendition of "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones and "Insensitive", which she performed with another artist, PJ. He played the piano while Dae sang and played the guitar. Dae announced that that she will not be around for next year's "Where We Goin" because she will be in Brazil for a year as part of UC Berkeley's Education Abroad Program and to fulfill requirements for her major, Development Studies --- the study of developing countries. Prior to her second song, Dae introduced me to the audience. Sus! I received applause for being "Tallulah's Mom"! Pinky, I'm sure you can relate.

Hi to everyone!



Cal Berkeley, Sep 2003

Back to school! Dae makes a presentation at the first 2003-04 UCB PASS General Meeting held at Eshleman Hall last September.



Capoeira Arts - Berkeley, Mar 2003



Above and below: Dae at Capoeira Arts Café – voted all-around best café in downtown Berkeley. (Mar 03)



Hanging out with Bay Area family and friends

Feb 2001, Belmont CA: Mae, Dae, Marlou Huibonhua HS’75 and Pita Revilla’s daughter Lisa.


Jan 2001, Marlou Huibonhua Litton’s Belmont CA home: (counter clockwise) Marlou Huibonhua and daughter Isell, Cecille Lozada, Malu Santos, Erika Miranda, Mitzi Ambion and daughter Hillary, Mae Cendaña’s children JR and Dae David, Mae, Louella Albornoz, and Mitzi’s hubby Bobby Hocson. 


Mae & Dae & Beth & Trish 2000

Jan 00, Manila Peninsula Hotel: Mae and Dae entertaining guests at Trish Reyes Lugtu’s debut.


With celebrant Trish and mom Beth Reyes Lugtu HS’75, webmaster of Magallanes Village website.


SPCM HS’75 TIPAR / Coming Home 2000

Jan 00, SPCM HS’75 Truly Intimate Paulinian Alumnae Reunion Silver Jubilee Ball, Manila Polo Club: Our Boys And Girls Enjoying ThemselveS!  Suzanne Camacho's Patricia and Bea, Pita Revilla's BJ Palanca, Lia Jovellanos' nephew Mikey, Erika Miranda's nephew Jaime's gf Pia, Winifred Medina's Wanda. Erika Miranda's Louie, Mae Cendana's Jae, Myra Henson's Tristan, Lottie Miranda's Jaime, Winifred's Niko, Ditas Santos' Carlos, Beth Reyes' Trisia, Mae's Dae, and Rocky Yupangco's Rose. Standing (l-r): Pita Revilla's Miko Palanca (ABS-CBN/TFC’s "Buttercup", Sat, 745 pm PT; and TFC's "This Guy's In Love With You" music video) and Ditas' Gerard.



Jan 00, SPCM Coming Home 2000: Paulinian sons and daughters happily hanging out together...(front, r-l) Winifred Medina's Wanda,  Suzanne Camacho's Patricia,  Beth Reyes' Alexi and Trisia,  Suzanne's Bea...(back) Ditas Santos' Janelle,  Mae Cendana's Dae, Erika Miranda's Louie, and Pita Revilla's BJ Palanca  (ABS-CBN / TFC's "Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay", Mon-Fri, 440 pm PT; and "ASAP Mania", Sun, 12 pm PT / ABS-CBN 12 pm). 


Right -- more daughters (r-l)... Pinky Marquez' Karel (ABS-CBN / TFC's “Berks:, Sat 4 pm PT/ ABS-CBN 4 pm; and “ASAP Mania”, Sun, 12 pm PT / ABS-CBN 12 pm), Lia Jovellanos' Alexa, Winifred Medina's Lia, Beth Reyes'  Marie Ces “Patet” Lugtu.


Mae Cendaña David in MS Bike Tour

Top Hat Classic - voted “Best Fun Ride in Northern California” by the readers of Cycle California!

10 / 25 / 50 / 75-mile bike tour to fight Multiple Sclerosis

Saturday, April 24, 2004 in Pleasanton, CA

Mae Cendaña David -- our Ambivalent Crowd / Balahibo Rock Band seasoned soloist, Blackgold / Vicor recording artist, Hyatt Regency Calesa Music Bar alumna, University of California Office of the President’s Alumni Affairs / Special Events Administrator, Most Holy Rosary Church Fil-Am Club of Antioch’s perennial event host, nonpareil SPCM HS'75 Alumnae Relations Coordinator – will be participating in National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyNorthern California Chapter’s Top Hat Classic MS Bike Tour to be held in Pleasanton CA on 24 April 2004. In her messages below, she’s asking family and friends not only to help raise money to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis but also shares the fact that the disease can strike anyone anytime. In Mae’s case, her youngest sister Czarina-Janelle (with Mae at left, on Ging’s wedding day in Nov 2003) was unexpectedly diagnosed with MS at the very young age of 26.


For feedback and inquiries, Mae can be reached at  Ride on, Mae!


--- Original Message ---

From: Mae Cendaña David SPCM HS’75

To: Family and Friends

Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 1:36 PM

Subject: Mae needs your help!


I find it hard asking someone to make a donation. I guess we all do. But, today I'm writing to you about a cause that's important to me and a cause that I know you will want to support. I have decided to take a role in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS) by joining the MS Bike Tour and I'm asking you to join me in this important fight by sponsoring me.


MS is an unpredictable and devastating disease that can attack any of us in the prime of life. Imagine, one day you are ready to take on the world... and the next you are faced with the diagnosis of an incurable and debilitating disease. That's why I'm participating in the MS Bike Tour and asking you to help me make a difference.


MS researchers have made extraordinary progress these last few years searching for a cure and your contribution will help support these vital efforts. Funds will also be used to support local programs for people with MS and their families.


You can either ride with me and Team JSTB (Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley) or help me reach my fundraising goal of $200.00 by sponsoring me in the MS Bike Tour. It’s easy. Please click on the "To Sponsor Me" link below and sponsor me online today. You also click on "My Personal Webpage" for more information.


Your support will mean so much to me, and the over 400,000 Americans living with MS. Can I count on your help?


Warmest regards,




To sponsor me:

Click here --


To visit My Personal Page :

Click here --

---- Enter Mae (first name) - David (last name) - California (state). Leave others blank.  Click on “Search” button.

---- On Mae David’s record, click on “My Personal Page”.


To visit My Team Page (Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley):

In Mae’s “My Personal Page” page above, click on “My Team”.


For more information about this event:

Click here --


For more information about the National MS Society:

Click here --



Cendaña Sisters and friends in San Francisco (L-R): Mae Cendaña '75, Dr Jackie Ick '78, Lisa Cendaña '78 with daughter Sabrina Lee, Chacha Cendaña '82, Kathleen Niguidula '78, Audrey Cendaña '79 and son Tommy Ramzell, Sophie Rola '78. Front: Michelle Cendaña '80.


Ging, I'll be there for you! - Ate Mae

(Source: Mae’s “My Personal Page” in National MS Society website. See above for link. )


It was in May last year when I first heard of MS while attending an event sponsored by the MS Society. Back then, I was glad to help but prayed that no one I know personally would ever suffer from this dreaded disease. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is described in the Merriam dictionary as “a demyelinating disease marked by patches of hardened tissue in the brain or the spinal cord and associated especially with partial or complete paralysis and jerking muscle tremor.” It is a chronic disease for which we do not yet know a cure.


Czarina Janelle or Ging-ging (her nickname) is my youngest sister. She is 26 years old and spent most of her life in the East Coast away from most of her older siblings who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ging learned to be responsible, independent and assertive. She finished her Masters in Hospital Management in 2002, and in November 2003 at a beautiful ceremony in Durham, North Carolina, she married her college sweetheart, Juan.


Three months after the wedding, she complained of her eyesight. Tests showed a lesion in her brain, and soon enough, she was diagnosed with MS. She will receive weekly injections starting next month to control the flare-ups. Despite the bad news, Ging remains positive and hopeful --- an inspiration to me and the rest of our family.


The Top Hat Classic will be my first bike tour experience. I’m a novice cyclist and have actually fallen from my bike twice last year. I am still recuperating from a frozen shoulder, but I hope that by taking this challenge I can support Ging and also emulate her unbroken optimism, which she maintains while meeting the challenges that she continues to face.


The MS Society provides directly to patients and their families --- 42% of the money raised from their cycling tours goes to help the nearly 10,000 patients in the local area.

While the MS Society is the single largest sponsor of research towards a cure, it is also the single greatest resource for patients and families suffering from the disease. You can make a pledge on-line by clicking on the link below, or you can pledge an amount and mail a check out to the National MS Society and send it to Mae David, University of California Office of the President, 1111 Franklin Street, 9th floor, Oakland, CA 94607.


Thank you very much for your help and support!




April 00, Lisa Cendaña Lee’s Hercules CA home:  (clockwise, from Mae) Ed Lee (Lisa's hubby), Mikey Velasco, JR David, Kiko Velasco, Enzo Velasco, Boogie Hernandez, Lisa and daughter Jackie, Dae, Janette San Juan Hernandez, Erika Miranda, Sunny Escareal Velasco, and Louie Miranda.



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