Dae Cendaña David opens SF show!

26 Sep / 8pm, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco CA: Mae Cendaña's daughter, UC Berkeley junior Tallulah Danielle "Dae" David SPC Pasig HS'00 sang her original compositions to open Literary and Performance Night of Kearny Street Workshop's APAture '03 -- a showcase of Asian Pacific American artists in the Bay Area.


“TALLULAH DANIELLE C. DAVID picked up a guitar 3 years ago and has been writing songs ever since. She has sung at UC Berkeley events such as the Pilipino Association benefit concert, What's Going On?, Annual Maganda Magazine publication launchings, and open mics hosted by Theatre Rice! and the Asian Pacific American Student Development organization.  Aside from singing, Tallulah serves as the Youth Mentorship Co-coordinator under the Berkeley Pilipino Academic Student Services, extending mentorship programs to Pilipino Youth around the Bay Area.” (Source: KSW’s APAture 2003 Artists. Photos from www.poeticdream.com. Thanks! )


APAture 2003, San Francisco CA (More on Dae.)


Dae's performance went real well. Her close friends from grade school (all the way from Kindergarten), high school and college, along with family were on hand to give support. The following were some of their actual comments, mostly from www.poeticdream.com:


“She's like a professional, so relaxed, such stage presence! She must have been born to act and sing.”

“She likes talking to her audience. Must be the ‘ham’ in her; she was born in the Year of the Boar!”

“She made me cry; she sang her original compositions so expressively well. Showbiz-quality!”

 “She plays the guitar so well for someone who just picked it up three years ago…”  

“She's soooooo talented like her mom, her dad, her aunts and uncles…”

“Congratulations, Mae. Dae’s got your genes. All the best, Dae!”

“I thought that was you! good luck on prop 54. No all the way! “

 “Very talented musician with a beautiful voice...cute too =)”

“Cal Berkeley’s Tallulah David. Cool voice, pretty face!”

“Cute! Ain't got nothin but thumbs-up for you, baby!”

 “This is a cute girl with a smile and a guitar!”

“Tallulah…………………. you go girl!”



For more on Dae and her Paulinian family, click here.


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