Early feedback on our Silver Jubilee celebrations:

Subj: [spcm] SUCCESS!

Date: 2/2/00 9:20:56 PM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

Dear Classmates,

What can I say! Our Homecoming was a resounding success. Tipar 2000 was attended by 60 of our classmates while our Homecoming was attended by 67 classmates. Record-breaker na daw iyan. Also got word from the Association that our homecoming also had the highest attendees of all years. As of yesterday, they counted 230 Paulinians who registered. Meron pang nag-pre-register. I could safely say that at least 250 attended the homecoming.

Itís kinda hard to describe what happened. You had to be there to believe it happened cuz it was not just seeing it but feeling it that made the two affairs very memorable. At the very start, we wanted to make the "Coming Home" of our classmates worth it. The ball took the place of our Senior Prom that we cannot even remember anymore. Our Homecoming was the Grand Reunion we always wanted but could never organize. We have been wanting to break 60 since before and we were just able to do it now.

The Tribute to HS SPCM 1975 is something we should all see cuz it chronicled our lives in St.Paul from Kindergarten to GS to HS to the present. It was the first time this was ever done in SPCM. I guess in a way, we have set our mark in St. Paul. With this presentation, I guess, a lot of other Paulinians, young and old, will know who we are. Even if it is only by word of mouth. The whole presentation with the VTR, the lights and sounds system, the live skits just proved that we still have what it takes to come through with a great presentation. Complete strangers came up to me after the program congratulating me for the wonderful show. And that is exactly what we gave them - one heaven of a show.

Actually, the homecoming did not start on January 30. It started on January 27, with our first practice in the auditorium. Somehow, everyone got electrified and the energy level was just so high for everyone. It went on into the Ball, further intensified during our last major practice on the 29th. By the time we got to the program on the 30th, we were at our peak.

During the Tipar, Pinky, Mae, Janet Basco, BJ Revilla-Palanca and the Angfour sang with the Rubber Band. We even got our teachers to join Pinky on stage. Sr. George, Sr. Bernadette Racadio, Ms. Valera, Ms. Lucasan, Ms.Garcia and Ms. Jaramillo. We had Dance Instructors c/o Malu Santos so non-stop dancing. We ended the party with a raffle of door prizes. The party ended past 12 mn.

Sa Homecoming naman, we started with a Mass at past 10 a.m. Our offerors were Beth Martin and Dada. I read the Responsorial Psalm and Daisy S read the Prayer of the Faithful. Pinky sang Ave Maria and one more song. Sr. Anunciata played the organ and the nuns of St. Paul sang for us. Lunch followed at the quadrangle and the Alumnae Association had a presentation. They called all the alumnae to the stage. I had to request na unahin tayo cuz we had to prepare for the program. Our classmates filled up the risers they set up sa quadrangle and I announced that the official count was 67. BTW, Dolly T. won the grand prize of P5,000. Pinangbili daw niya ng mga pictures.

Before we started our presentation sa auditorium, we did a tribute to our classmates who have passed on before us - Celia Acosta-Banzon, Ana Pacia, Henrietta Carreon and Christine Tan. Guests told me that it was so touching.

The audience was impressed by our VTR skit showing Pinky, Mae, Beth and I planning the homecoming. It was shot live at my house. Even Helen Dabao, our technical director and a Coral Jubilarian, was saying that we were so comfortable with each other that we did not look like we were acting. Natural na natural daw. Same goes for Erika and Pita who had cameo roles in the skit. May short part pa nga si Louella sa VTR. But the one who really stole the scene was Beth Reyes-Lugtu. The Clown of the Class. Just imagine if we put Beth, Pinky and Louella together in the show. Riot! Beth did so many ad-libs during the show and she really made people laugh. Kaya Beth - I only have one thing to say - You can act! The VTR was used to introduce the different parts of the program.

Everyone was wowed by the performance of the SPCM-Ateneo Glee Club. They did a Motown medley. Kudos to Mae for bringing them together. When the time came for the Ateneans to sing, our classmates started teasing them, yelling "Guapo!" They were our opening number. After that, they sang the Carpenters' "Sometimes" with Ms. Simon on the marimba and - would you believe - Yeyette H on the piano. That was so touching.

Then there was a short skit that presented our play during our Freshman year - the one about student activism during the 70ís. It was staged by the Tanghalang St. Paul. Medyo nag-act up ang audio ng barilan but otherwise the skit was excellently done. Susie C and other classmates, were kind enough to do the placards used during the play. Tapos, I asked Racquel, the head of the dance troupe, to use a flag to cover the "dead" student. Donít know where she got it, but by the time she got on stage, may flag na siya. Remember, that was the dance Gina Fabie did during the Fellowship. Si Louella ang tinakpan niya.

Next, the SPCM Dance Troupe presented a short CAT drill. What was funny was that there were few minor boo-boos and Lia said, it did not look bad at all cuz "Ganoon naman talaga tayo noon." Zamby said "Platoon ko iyan ah!" I belonged to that platoon too and we really made a lot of boo-boos during that time. After the CAT drills, the dance troupe presented a dance number.

Did you know that we had last-minute additions to our program? To their credit, sumali sina Bea and Patricia, Suzanne Camachoís daughters. They played several musical instruments. When they came on stage, someone jokingly hollered "Adopted!" Hindi ata makapaniwalang anak ni Suzanne ang kaniyang mga anak. They're so talented! Carel, the daughter of Pinky sang a song. Like mother, like daughter. Ang ganda ng boses! Intermission number sila.

Then the following children performed the Cheerdancing routine: Dae and Jae Cendana-David, Trisia, Alexi and Marices Reyes-Lugtu, Louie Miranda-Diestro, Tristan Henson-Villanueva, Alexa Jovellanos-Ramos, Carel Marquez-Santos and Lia Medina-Albano. The SPCM Dance Troupe and Pep Squad were the main dancers and performers. Our kids did the pyramid and Marices did cartwheels.

Tapos noon - our grand finale! Suzanne came on stage saying "Assembly? Song and Dance? This is my chance to perform live dito sa Fleur-de Lis! Where are my back-up dancers?" At this point, our classmates came in from backstage and filled up the risers and the back part of the stage. As Suzanne started acting out as though siya ang kakanta, Mae started singing the Donna Summer Song - "On the Radio". Exit si Suzanne and Mae enters. Pinky comes in with the second stanza. Then the party started. Next came the main dancers - Malu Santos, Lia J, Malen H, Doris T, Malu Lontok and ako (na naman) Sa likod kami nina Pinky and Mae. Then the rest of our classmates were behind us.

There were 2 sets. One set was on the stage following the steps of Ditas who was in the middle. Those who did not know the steps were on the risers and did their own thing. We did a Donna Summer medley of three songs - On the Radio, Heaven Knows and Last Dance. You should have seen the girls, they were singing and dancing and according to those who watched, it was obvious everyone was having a good time. And enjoying every second of it.

Then Sherry F. came on stage to thank our classmates who worked so hard for the Homecoming and she introduced me. I came on stage and thanked those who worked with us on the program - Sr. Luisa, Helen Dabao, Ms. Reynoso, the Dance Troupe and the Tanghalang SPCM, and Sr. Anunciata who played the organ for us during the mass.

Then I was "sabotaged". As I called in all our classmates to sing "Coming Home", I didnít know they planned to give me a rose each. Wala na! I got emotional. And while they were doing that, Erika was beside me collecting the roses, admonishing them for making me cry. In the end, sabi ni Erika, "perahin na lang natin ito." Natawa na ako at that point.

While we were singing "Coming Home", Helen flashed the video of our practices sa screen. Ang ganda daw ng impact.

Just when I was about to call in the Class of 1976 to turnover the Homecoming Cup, Mae yelled "Cut!" And then Myrna read a message written by Annabelle I. When she mentioned my name, I bowed to our classmates to thank them for the recognition. Basta ma-drama masyado itong parteng ito. It was so ma-drama, I completely forgot about the turnover. I went directly to the singing of the Paulinian Hymn. At this point, our teachers joined us on stage. Sayang, Helen wanted to join us but she had to talk to her technican. We sang the slow song, a cappela and Sr. Anunciata accompanied us on the piano for the last part of the Hymn.

When we were about to say our goodbyes, Ms. Valera reminded me of Batch 76. I had to stop everyone from leaving and I called sina Tavi Villapando, Chicheng Reyes, Lui Galvez, Carina Carpio, etc. and presented them the silver Homecoming Cup.

End of the Program.

Victory party of sorts followed sa Manila Manor. Canít recall all the names of those who attended. Basta we had fun maski pagod at gutom. Come to think of it, I just ate a portion of Marilou Dionisio's delicious lasagna and peach cream dessert. From what I heard, sold out sila.

Mahaba na ito. Hope I was able to give you an idea how everything turned out. Pero iba pa rin if you see it for yourself. Talagang once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Iíll see you again 5 years from now for the next SPCM HS grand reunion. Pearl Jubilarians na tayo noon. Sina Sarita Jovellanos, Chona Dizon and their SPCM HS í80 batchmates na ang Silver. Helen Dabao, by then will be Ruby. Start making your plans!



Subj: [spcm] CONGRATS TO BATCH 75

Date: 1/31/00 11:36:03 AM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com





LOVE TO ALL .......





Date: 1/31/00 9:20:53 AM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

Dearest Everyone,

I am still in 7th heaven and I cannot stop talking about how wonderful, professional and happy you all are!!! Ang galing ninyo!! Thanks to all the coordinators, in fact to each and everyone...68 of us for being there and for those who did not make it, thank you for being with us in spirit! I have never felt like this before..we are indeed really close.. I love you all!! Canít wait for the next big grand reunion....

Love to all and God Bless!!



Subj: [spcm] Congrats and Thanks

Date: 1/31/00 6:43:56 AM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

To All my Wonderful Classmates!!!

I feel so lucky to be part of this wonderful HS Batch 75. I am positive that what we all had just experienced this past week... the TIPAR and the homecoming... will be difficult to duplicate. I am still riding high from the experience. Iíve never had so much joy being with all of you even during the lunch meetings, reunions, and of course, the practices. Imagine, napasayaw nila ako sa stage and to think, the last time I danced on that stage was when I was in Kinder, dancing the ITIK-ITIK. Any of you remember that? Florian, sabi mo you danced that too! It just goes to show the closeness of this batch. You just want to be part of something in this affair kaya maski hindi mo gawain, sige na lang...I want to thank everyone for helping make these affairs a huge success by showing up at the homecoming and help give a record-breaking attendance of 68 girls!! I think that will be a tough act to follow by the celebrants of the coming years. And for those who did not make it, we all felt that you were also with us enjoying because we knew that your support was there. Thank you again for the wonderful experience of being your classmate and hopefully we get to do this again in the future.



Subj: [spcm] congrats

Date: 1/30/00 11:42:07 PM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

Congratulations to Batch Ď75! Siyempre kasali ako miskina hilaw ang pagka batchmates natin cuz i transferred school. Anyway, I enjoyed myself to the fullest seeing all of you although my memory was not as good as Sunny in remembering names, but I did remember those cheerful faces and wonderful childhood experiences. Again thank you very much for making me a part of your Homecoming. Kelan ulit ang next?!



Subj: [spcm] Re: Congrats

Date: 1/30/00 9:09:54 PM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

The happiest ever! Canít thank you all enough! --Malen


Subj: [spcm] Congrats

Date: 1/30/00 5:20:13 PM Mountain Standard Time

To: spcm_hs75@egroups.com

Dear Classmates,

Congratulations! Homecoming 2000 was a resounding success! It couldnít have been made possible without the cooperation of one and all. For those who couldnít make it, we knew you were with us in spirit. To all the coordinators and of course, Sunny - thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was everything we expected and much, much more!