Janette San Juan Hernandez

Owner / Principal Real Estate Broker, International Property Network, Inc.

Immed. Past National President, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP)

Co-founder, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines --- Mandaluyong Chapter

Voice: (632)823-9145 // Telefax: (632)787-6434 // Mobile: 0917 893-6106 (updated 5-31-04)

Email: jshphl@yahoo.com

For all your real estate requirements in the Philippines, call our own Janette San Juan Hernandez. She specializes in all types of real estate properties, whether selling, buying, leasing or joint venture transactions. In addition to her familiarity with the residential market, this successful realtor is also an equally-recognized expert on commercial, office, and warehousing sales and lease requirements.

Janette is concentrating primarily in the areas of San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and Murphy side of Quezon City (White Plains, Greenmeadows, Corinthian Gardens, Valle Verde, Acropolis, Libis). For other areas, REBAP has chapters nationwide. And as past National President, Janette can refer interested parties to reputable brokers in any part of the Philippines.

Left: Janette with batchmates, (clockwise, from top-left): Lia Jovellanos, Pinky Marquez, Malu Santos (a realtor licensed to practice in both California and Manila), Winifred Medina, Florian Nuval, Dolly Tesoro (President of Tesoro Realty), Zamby Arnaiz, Janette, Dettie Tesoro and Sunny Escareal.

Beijing Business Trip ‘04


Janette was part of the delegation of Philippine businessmen that joined GMA during the latter’s presidential state visit to China on 1-3 September 2004. Janette’s personal trip report follows. Thanks!


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Hello Ladies!

 I just got back from Beijing. I was with the business delegation group of Pres. GMA's presidential state visit to China. It was a very fulfilling experience brushing elbows with big time taipans from Manila as well as notable businessmen from Beijing. But, i wasn't part of those delegates that committed PhP1 Million each at JDV's impromptu fund raising on the plane enroute to Beijing. I and my partner took the PAL commercial flight to HK-Beijing bec. the presidential plane's flight schedule was too early for us (6AM take-off - that meant we had to be at the Villamor tarmac as early as 3am). Good thing we made that decision, otherwise, i don't know where i'd get that PhP1 Million to donate! Whew! - was that a blessing in disguise or what?

The presidential state visit to China began on Sept. 1 & ended 5 pm friday, Sept. 3. Most of the business delegates left w/ Pres. GMA while quite a few stayed, like i did with my partner, to do some sightseeing & shopping. The whole state visit schedule was just so tight that there wasn't enough time to go around the city, so we decided to stay on until yesterday, at least to see some sights like the Great Wall.

 On the 1st day, from the Beijing airport, we saw Henry Sy, Sr & Jr. We were on the same flight pala. My partner, Anna Regalado is one of the trusted realtor of the Sy's and we got to chat with them at the airport and offered us a ride going to the Kerry Center (Shangri-la) Hotel. So, Myself & my, partner, Anna, got to exclusively chat w/ Mr. Sy, Sr. at the back of the car on our drive to the hotel. He took on the tour guide role when he learned it was our first time in Beijing. He kept showing us important locations as we drove by those sites. It was a thrilling experience. Big Boy, his son, was in the front seat beside the driver's side, holding on to my hand carry bag. I tried to take it from him and suggested to place it on the backseat floor by my feet but he insisted to carry it on his lap. I felt so embarrassed but he was such a gentleman.

 On the 3rd day, in the morning, we were scheduled to be brought to an IT plant about 2 hours from the city. It rained that morning and when we got to the site, the whole frontage was muddy and the tourist bus driver wouldn't dare run his tires through the thick mud as he was afraid we'd get stuck. We all decided to abort the plant visit. On the way back to the hotel, as I spoke w/ Mr. Lucio Tan, and upon his learning that i was into real estate marketing, he suggested we take an ocular inspection of his condominium project in the Central Business District of Beijing. So, he had his Marketing managers arrange the visit for us to see and he was so proud of his project even saying that he took to the details, like seeing to it that the doors, windows and toilets were in order & good condition. The condo project was a huge development & ready for occupancy. There was like 6 towers of a grand plan - really a 6-star development, i must say. Nothing like this i've seen before - not even in New York! It's located in the diplomat area but the units cost bet. PhP5-8.5 Million only and floor plans ranging from 90-120 sqm. at 2 to 3 bedrooms. It had complete amenities like a spa, gym area w/ state of the art equipments, a huge pool and a recreational area w/ mini theater, game rooms including a mini indoor driving range & the stuff! Whew! It's one for the rich & famous lifestyle!

 The agreement signing ceremonies & meeting w/ Filipino community that GMA addressed was all throughout a formal, rigid affair that followed Chinese protocol. The Chinese security was so tight, we weren't even allowed to have any photo opportunity w/ the President. I tried to have my picture taken when she approached me on the queue of the business delegates but my friend's hand (with the camera) was shoved off by one of the Chinese security. My foot even got stepped on by one of them - i think, deliberately. The only photo op she had was w/ the Filipino community in Beijing. The rest of us business delegates were just spectators & it was quite embarrassing to ask for a photo op as the group appeared not to make a big fuzz of it.

Anyway, i have some photos that i took of the ceremonies & w/ PCCI chairman Jun Ortiz-Luis & Mike Varela w/ the taipans in the group that i will post soon as i get the films developed.

And - to set the record straight on the issue that GMA had a whole entourage of family members and yayas in the trip, in all fairness, it was only Ignacio Arroyo, son, Mikey & the  granddaughter w/ the yaya & of course, the First Gentleman with her. It was told to us by the DTI organizers that all presidential state visits are paid for by the host country & the invitation is extended to members of the family. The cabinet members were limited to a few and the rest of the delegation paid for their own expenses. In fact there were some cabinet members that were supposed to have been included but begged off so as to cut down on the expenses. Oh well, some people just want to put some spice into the news but they're nothing but pure speculation.

Regards to all & Happy B-day to all September celebs!


Frequently Asked Question

Why You Should Use A Real Estate Professional

By CRB Janette SJ Hernandez
Immediate Past National President, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines

Selling one's property and at the same time buying, or moving to another locality is always very traumatic and emotional. Our Legal System creates the intensity and the seriousness of transferring Titles. All real estate licensees are required to take courses before engaging into the profession plus continuing education seminars to enhance their skills. When there are misrepresentations in transactions, we are faced with the possibility of the revocation of our license to practice which means an end to our career.

There have been a great number of anomalous real estate transactions, some have even been publicized. Most of them were caused by people who act as real estate brokers without the knowledge and expertise or worst without the license to practice the profession. One will discover that most if not all of these lawsuits have been filed in courts often because parties to the transactions have no full knowledge and disclosure of the subject properties. Most judges or prosecutors tend to favor more the buyers and not the sellers. No one is exempted to any liability that may arise in any sale or transaction.

As times get tougher , we are inclined to be more careful who we deal with and know their capability to deliver a professional service. Though the real estate trend these days were not as bullish as in the previous years, still real estate is one such basic factor in one's lifetime achievement. It is for this reason that the advise of a professional is sought. If one cares more about their health, we go to see our doctor. In the same manner that we care about our wealth, we ought to let a real estate professional handle the transaction for us.

For many years that I have observed, many real estate owners as well as buyers still are prejudiced over hiring a real estate professional to do the job for them. I have heard from a number of my clients their sad experiences with real estate brokers, which at times, the public can't really be blamed for. As a real estate professional, I never fail to remind my clients of the term " Caveat Emptor", meaning "Buyers Beware".

In so far as hiring a real estate professional, the seller, or buyer should consider several criterias before signing up with a real estate professional. Look at it as if you're hiring your office personnel. Qualifying is always the key. Here are some questions to ask a real estate broker if you decide to hire one.

· What is your guarantee?

· Do you personally answer phone calls on the property?

· Can we cancel the listing if we're not happy?

· Do you have a personal assistant?

· May I see your resume or personal brochure

· What systems do you have in place that will keep you in constant contact with me during the listing and the transaction?

· Are you fully automated with your personal computer, FAX machine, copier, cellphone, pager, voice mail, etc.?

· What is your average market time vs. other brokers.?

· What professional designations do you have?

· I want to give my property the advantage of the latest marketing strategies. How much time   and money do you invest each month in professional training?

· Can you give me a list of your clients who have closed with you and can I call them?

· Why are you personally motivated to sell my property?

Proper representation is vital to any business transaction. Each person has his own field of expertise. Trying your hands at something you are not fully educated and skilled to do is a "death-defying act" that could not only cause one person's life to be in trouble.

A real estate professional will fully represent you and negotiate at your best interest. We put our shoes into yours, so to speak. As a professional, they will not put their clients in a spot that the other party in the transaction could "read" through their minds and use it to bring you into their favor. This and many more advantages can be had if sellers and buyers will realize that their real estate properties deserve as much equal respect as to be handled only by those with the proper training, knowledge and skill.

More so, many sellers or buyers think they can do away with real estate brokers for the simple reason that they would like to avoid paying any commission. Real estate professionals receive no compensation until the subject property of a transaction is turned over. We work hard and long at own expense until we get you into a property you prefer or until a buyer is willing and able to purchase. Most people do not realize how costly this can become (i.e. phone calls, time, overtime at odd hours, gas, auto expense, insurance board fees, business license, clerical costs, paper and copier costs and more), especially if a client has no sense of loyalty to their broker.

Homes that are "For Sale By Owner" many times do not include a commission. Sellers will have no professional representation, advise, negotiating expertise, or legal protection. The broker would not have worked for nothing. Select a broker carefully, be honest and follow their advice. (Source: www.REBAPMandaluyong.com)


Do's and don'ts when selling your home
By CRB Janette SJ Hernandez
Immediate Past National President, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP)

IT'S such a pitiful situation when sellers decide to put their homes in the market without the slightest inkling on how to go about the whole thing and just go by their "feel." My previous articles on how to sell your own homes may not pretty well sink in as this could. To put things in its proper perspective, selling real estate is not just selling an ordinary merchandise. Remember that you are actually selling a "lifeline." Prospective homebuyers look at their future when they look around for homes. For the same reason that you look out at your own future when you sell your home. So, both yours and theirs are equally at stake. It's always important to get the better of things even before they happen, just so you're assured that you've covered vital aspects. Here are some deadly mistakes you can make when selling your home and what should be done about it.

Do price your home competitively. Every seller wants to maximize and realize as much money. But if you overprice, people who are looking in your price range will reject your house in favor of other larger homes for the same price. The people who should be looking at your house will not even take a minute to view it because it is priced way over their heads! Also, overpricing will only increase time on the market that adds to the carrying costs. Ultimately, many overpriced properties sell below market value.

Don't fail to "showcase" your home. Buyers look for homes, not houses. If sellers don't even spruce up the place inside and out, touching up on paint, landscaping, making repairs and keeping the property clean and neat, that's just a pretty fast way to chase buyers away as brokers can bring them in.

Don't "hard sell" during viewing. The buying process is always a very emotional stage. Like buying a clothing outfit, buyers like to "try on" a house to see and feel for themselves if they'll feel comfortable and if their "vibes" tell them it's "the" house. Lead them in and follow behind them just navigating from a reasonable distance and pointing out some very important improvements you've made. Let them ask questions and hear their comments without contradicting. They're entitled to their own opinions and observations. Don't take their negative comments too personal. Being defensive and too pushy might even have the opposite effect you want, making them feel like they're intruding on your private space. Resist the temptation to talk, talk, talk. Let them discover things on their own and politely answer their questions.

Don't mistake "lookers" for buyers. If you'd rather sell your own home than hire a professional broker, you'd always get more activity than houses listed with a realty agency. No doubt about that. Realty agencies will only bring qualified buyers so much so that they will be fewer that if you put out your own "For Sale" sign, attracting every one who walks down the street.

By law of averages, most people who go looking for homes that are "For Sale By Owner" are just starting to think of moving. Some may be good buyers, but more often than not, they're about several months or even a year away from being ready. Generally, because they don't want to bother brokers as they know they'll be asked a lot of questions, they go out to scout on their own. Most such buyers are either getting a "feel" of what's available. Others will have to sell their own homes first and will need to fix up their financing credit. In other words, these are types of buyers who have not put everything in place yet.

Brokers qualify buyers so that they'll only bring prospects that have been screened, meaning, one who is ready, willing and able to buy. Brokers will not waste their time on prospects they think have no capacity and ability to close the transaction in a few days or weeks. Realty agencies do a lot of investigating from knowing why they are buying to how they intent to pay. Such questions you will have to be prepared to do as buyers cross your threshold. Otherwise, you'll be bamboozled with a parade of Sunday afternoon spectators with a dream of owning a home some day.

Do know your rights and obligations. Real estate law is extensive and complex. All contracts for sale and purchase are legally binding documents. Even a simple written communication regarding a petty agreement such as providing for new light bulbs can discriminately affect a whole contract. Have a ready and available legal counsel for advice and preparation of all written communications and documents. An improperly written contract can cause the transaction to fall through and cost you more for repairs, improvements, inspections and remedies for title defects, and who knows what else. You must be aware about your closing costs. Know whether your property falls into some deed restrictions or local zoning that can affect the transaction. Know the local property ordinances and tax requirements. Be prepared to remedy such title defects or your real estate broker can do this for you.

Don't sign a listing contract with no way out. Brokers may have only good intentions when marketing your house but many factors can change an entire agreement. The broker may have a death in the family or may be forced out of such circumstance to close the realty business or in some cases couldn't just perform. You as the seller should have the right to fire your broker or declare null and void the listing contract. Some brokers will remedy such situations by assigning your property to a cooperating broker. In such case, since you did not personally select that broker, you will need to protect yourself by getting a guarantee of performance or you may just opt to ask from your broker a list of recommended agencies so that you can carefully select the one you can work with.

Don't limit the marketing and exposure of the property. The most common and obvious marketing tools are open houses and the classified ads. Through years of experience and based on advertising studies, only about 3 percent of buyers bought their homes through an ad and nearly 1 percent through open houses. The right realty agency will employ a broad spectrum of marketing activities, emphasizing the ones that will work best for you. A dozen more effective ways are being used by brokers to ensure their efforts don't go to waste and that their objective to sell your home at the maximum price and at the shortest time possible is achieved. Of course we cannot go into details on these marketing strategies for reasons that only trained and skilled real estate brokers have the capability, the resources and the aptitude to do such. But just to give you a thought about it, only professional brokers have data to buyer and seller pools and that's because they're in the business to know. A real estate agency keeps a database contact file from the many years they've been in the business. They know their target market and who has the money for your house.

Don't believe that a re-fi appraisal is the market value of your property. An appraisal is an opinion of a value for a certain purpose. If the financing company or bank wants to lend you money, they are motivated to have the appraisal come out high. A real buyer in the real world will not ignore the possibilities of distress sale or foreclosure in order to justify the price. These real buyers will be your competitors when you try to sell. I've seen many ridiculous appraisals and believe me sellers often ended up giving up at a price way below the appraisal. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the value you were told about 6 months ago when you refinanced is what a real buyer would pay. Ask your broker for a comparative market analysis indicating what were recently sold, what else are pending sales and which were not sold. This way you get a clear picture of the ongoing trend in your area. Remember that every day is a different day. The psycho graphic analysis of the market is in a haywire stage. What seems to be okay today might not be so the nest day.

Do choose a realty agency or broker for the right reasons. You may not be interviewing people that often. But in order to find the right broker you can work with, you'll have to do a run of interviews just as you would do if you just simply hired a household help. Be reasonable enough to consider that your selection too will bring about the results you expect. The quality of your home selling experience is dependent on your skill at selecting the person best qualified. Realize that you will pay for the same cost to someone who has had a track record of closed transaction and that who is inexperienced. The difference lies in the experience of a broker who is good at what he/she does that brings about more advantages on the negotiating table, selling in less time and with the lesser risk, in other words, worry-free.

There are many real estate brokers hampering for sales these days. Many of them are not really full time into it that they do not consider being brokers as a professional career. One might just be a housewife who sells houses occasionally because she needs a little pocket change, or the insurance salesman or even your lawyer who believes they can handle 2 careers or perhaps your broker-cousin who really needs his sale to come from you.

Other than these incompetent brokers, true to the fact that only in our country do we see people who are inexperienced that have the face to handle transactions as complex as real estate. Colorum practitioners, as we call them, have the guts and gull to put to test their business-handling abilities and leaving buyers and sellers in the doldrums of uncertainty. It is quite unfortunate that they only look at you as transaction #20.

You hold your future not your broker - that's the truth. Selling your home could be the most important financial transaction you'll ever be involved with. Selecting the right person to do the job for you will inevitably result in a satisfying and profitable activity. On the other hand, making a mistake in your hiring that incompetent broker can be a terrible, traumatic experience. It's your home and your money. The choice is yours. (Source: http://www.rebap.com.ph/)

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