Marina del Rey CA, 24-29 June 2003.

Recap courtesy of Rocky Yupangco Buencamino ’75.


Marina del Rey CA ‘03:  Rocky Yupangco (MN), Shella Navarro (NJ), Erika Miranda (SF) & Mitzi Ambion (NY).


Remember those four friends who gathered in London?

Well they met again, but this time there’s less one

Brenda’s tight schedule prevented attending

The California reunion we knew that was pending


So again we meet, Mitzi, Rocky and Shella

But this time a surprise attendee is our Erika

From San Francisco she flew in simultaneous

The evenings of laughter & texting hilarious


UK 2002: Brenda Martinez, Shella, Mitzi & Rocky.


Thoughts of Pinoy food was often quite prevalent

So four friends to Cerritos for Goldilocks was frequent

Dozens of viands appeared by the platter

To feed a small army with bad eating manners


Gulping and chewing and sipping and burping

Oh what a mess the table was looking

But as all the food began to disappear

Happier smiles started to appear



Rocky developed a weird adobo fetish

Erika preferred lumpia, halo-halo and bopis

Mitzi and barbecue seemed quite attached

Shella just chewed on whatever was layed flat


Then came the shopping and gazing and walking

To the shops on Rodeo the famous drive we’re talking

Trying and poking and endless discussions

Should I get this on charge, credit or pass on?




During the walk a brown leather bag is spied

60% off now that’s a great price

I’ll get that bag, an investment, Rocky thought

Which the other girls further agreed with a nod



Go get it Rocks, Mitzi did whisper

She said it was bagay to me… a further whisper

Ang galing ni Mitzi as sales girl I thought

Siguro may cut siya sa bag that I bought


Oh of course don’t forget good ole J. Crew

These stylish bandanas that Erika, Mitzi and Shella clung to

Six or seven outlets forever we stormed

Would you happen to have these bandanas in store?!



 “They were last season, we have no more

but maybe you could go to our other stores”

So to the next store, and the next we went

So instead we saved money that we could have spent


Oh by the way, I think all gals should know

That aside from laughing and joking, Erika drove

A real Nicki Lauda she is on the freeway

Although Shella did cling to her seat as we sped away



So now that I’ve told all that needs telling

The 5-day story of friends again descending

Funny enough we met in a resort

But never did any swimming or diving of the sort


So bye for now Mitzi, Shella and Erika

Maybe next year we will be four + dear Brenda

I think we did mention Mexico or something

But Shella it’s your turn to choose our next outing


It’s always great fun to see sweet dear faces

Still the same but with more lines and creases

May we continue to age sweetly together

While maintaining fun and continued laughter.






Mitzi, thank you for sharing your room at Marina Del Rey with us.  Thank you too to your husband, Bob, and your lovely daughter Hilary.  We wish her continued success in her path to swimming excellence.


Erika, thanks for constantly keeping us in stitches with your jokes. Thanks too for driving and the chocnut and polvoron.


Shella, your dedication to running (up at 5:30 AM returning at 8AM daily) is such an inspiration.  I will keep you updated on my muscle development.


Brenda, we missed you this year, will you join us next year?


To other 75ers, any new joiners for next year?!!!! Call Mitzi, Shella or Rocky.


By Rocky Yupangco Buencamino

Marina del Rey, CA, June 24-29, 2003

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