October Get-together with Ms Francisco

9 October 2003, Alabang Town Centerís California Pizza Kitchen

L-R front: Dolly Tesoro, Ms Francisco, Sunny Escareal, Ditas Santos; back: Dettie Tesoro, Florian Nuval.

Sunny Escarealís recap:

Met up with Ms. Jo Francisco Reyes and just as I mentioned in my previous e-mail, she looks good and very fit as you can see in the picture.Florian, Dettie, Dolly and Ditas were the only ones who could make it.But as I said before, whether 4 or 100, it's still fun to meet up.

We had fun reminiscing about the CAT Bivouac and she told us some insights that we didn't know before.First of all, she was so mad about the facilities and really wanted to bring all of you out of there when she saw it.Turns out that the St. Scholasticans were also brought to that area and that they stayed there for 2 nights.According to the navy personnel, the Kulasas were better behaved and more disciplined than the Paulinians.Natural, kailan ba tayo naging behaved?What was so unfair was that the year before us, batch of my sister Weng, went to Corregidor and the facilities were much better than that of Ternate.Sabi ko,"Ayan,pinarusahan tayo ng Diyos.It was our penance for being so naughty..."

Citizens Army Training Bivouac '75, Maragondon Beach, Cavite (l-r): Rosari Juguilon, chaperone #1, Ms Francisco, Tina Cordero, Annabelle Isaac, Maisa Enriquez, Irene Espanto, Becca Yatco and Luchie Beltran. More CAT shots here or here. (Help! Pls email ID of #1 to spcm_hs75@hotmail.com. Thanks!)

What really brought the house down was when they told the story about Erika and group who had to go in the dark and in the still of the night, they were screaming because they stepped on an anthill! All the ones assigned to patrol that time were given demerits for being so noisy.

Ms Francisco in the Ď70s. (More Teachers at http://www.paulinians.com/teachers.html)

Well, by now, Ms. Jo must be on her way to the States for good.She is a widow, btw and also a lola.She was with her daughter who is also so beautiful.But she will come home again to attend the wedding of her other daughter this January.

When she left, the four of us stayed behind and talked about the difficulties of bringing up our kids.When they were young and followed us around, masaya.But now that they are all grown up, ibang usapan na.Sumasagot na and hindi na sumusunod.We were telling Florian to listen carefully cuz aabot din siya doon.Ditas nga pala is also a lola with an adorable apo. Kay guwapo and already appeared in a commercial for a formula milk.Nakakaloka ang magka-apo.D bale na kung ang mga anak ay d sumusunod.They somehow make up for it by giving the lolas something in return.

Happy Halloween nga pala!!!


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