Peachy JC day with Malu Santos

8 Nov 03, Jersey City: NY-NJ locals Mitzi Ambion, Liz Facher and Shella Navarro hook up with jet-settin’ taga-Manila, Malu Santos.

Mitzi Ambion, Lilibeth Facher, Shella Navarro and Malu Santos.

Here are some pictures courtesy of Lilibeth Facher taken last weekend in Jersey City, NJ.   It was a surprise visit by none other than Malu Santos.  She came to visit her sister Guia in Jersey City and we were able to get-together w/ her for lunch. 

Lunch of course was in a Fil restaurant sa Jersey City.  Crispy pata, okoy, bistik fil, kare-kare  etc. etc. ang napag tripan namin....Basta Pil. Food, Ok na Ok na kami doon...

Pagkatapos ng tanghalian, naghanap naman kami ng kapihan and we ended up sa Hyatt Regency JC on the Hudson River overlooking  downtown Manhattan. Non-stop kwentuhan  ..kwento dito.. kwento doon ...from the missing Twin Towers... sa politika sa Pil... sa artista sa Pil pag gamit ng  horse shampoo to grow hair (!!????), ... sa menopause ... atbp. atbp.atbp

Anyway we had a great time together and before we know it kelangan ng maguwian. BTW. when we were at the Hyatt , nagtataka kami kasi maraming tao sa Coffee Shop nila na pami-pamilya...iyon pala may practice ang mga contestants ng Miss Teen New Jersey sa pavilion nila.  Kaya noong palabas na kami siguro akala din ng mga tao may mga anak kaming kasali sa contest.   Malu flew to Chicago to visit her sister Meanne the following day, tapos tuloy na siya sa LA to visit her children and other sisters (including Baby ’74 and Adel ‘72) until January.


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