The ff excerpts came from a 1973 issue of the Pauliteen. We were second year then. It's a Lampoon. No wonder the articles didn't seem to make sense. I can't even remember if the events mentioned were for real. --- Sunny

SPCM Raids Ateneo by Ruchie Magiba

Armed with machine-gunned mouths and sharp-edged eyes, a group of high school Paulinians invaded the Dulaang Sibol Center at Ateneo de Manila University on March 3, 1973......

In the interpretative reading, Ria Barredo was awarded first prize...SUZANNE CAMACHO was unanimously chosen as the most humorous with her somersaults, wild guffaws and cross-eyed looks.

Pinky Macasaet...shocked the board of judges that she was awarded 3rd place in the extemporaneous contest…The oratorical speech of Belle Fernandez won for her the 3rd place. She could have gotten the first place if she had worn her good luck charm, the ID bracelet with Rudy on it…

SPCM Receives Honors

...As always, the Paulinian delegation made a dramatic entrance giving bus trouble as an excuse. The irritated club officer smiled upon seeing mini-skirted ANNABELLE ISAAC, ELIZABETH TY AND VILMA VAZQUEZ, Their sweet smiles did a lot for they were able to get sixth place...Since the contestants for Algebra II were in pants, they had more places to hide their secret formulas and so they garnered fifth postiion. The experts were Divinea Almoradi, Pamby Changco and Sharon Firme. JEE-JEE STA. ANA

Overheard in a T-par: It was lady's choice then,

chick: Would you care to have this dance with me?

cat : No, I don't think so. I'm still waiting for someone decent to come along.

chick: If I was willing to lower my standards just to dance with you, you could at least lower yours!


Two small kids were walking down a path of freshly turned soil.

Suddenly, one of them screamed, "EEYIPES! Look there!" Spaghetti with eyes!"

(Someone please ask Blanche aka Jee-Jee - "iyon na ba ang punch line?")


If the Smothers brothers had another brother, would the Smothers brothers'

mother be the mother of the Smothers brothers brother?

Naturally. Oh about concubines.....


The song sung by Baby O'Brien's sister: Brian's song.


Lotis Key: Any relation to Jaworski?


Quotable Quotes from famous idiots.

"Eugene, me Tarzan" - MARIBETH MARTIN

"That phone just has Turing." - THEENA MALIG


Party with 2B, L.S.G.H. - LORY CAGUIOA

i o i r a

g n l a i

g k y r


(Can someone please tell me what this means?)


Define malicious.

"Wrong shoes." - LUELLA ALBORNOZ


The 3 great Chinese philosphers:

Confucius (confused shoes)

Mencius (sapatos ng lalake)

Lao Tzu


ASSEMBLY HELD by Ruchie Magiba

...Honored were: Luz Besa "Most Demerited"

LUELLA ALBORNOZ "Most Beautiful Handwriting"

Class 1-5 "Cleanest among the Dirtiest"

Juniors "Most Disciplined"


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