All the best, Mari & Pinky Marquez Cancio!

24 May 2004: Actress / singer extraordinaire Pinky Marquez SPCM HS’75 married long-time fiancé, food entrepreneur / bandleader Jose Mari Cancio, in private wedding ceremonies at historic Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church in Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City. Below’s the eyewitness account and photos courtesy of SPCM HS’75 chair, Sunny Escareal Velasco.


The newly-weds: Jose Mari Cancio and Pinky Marquez Cancio.



From: "Sunny E Velasco"

To: "SPCM HS’75"

Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 1:20 AM

Subject: [spcm] Pinky's wedding


Dear classmates,


I am happy to report on the beautiful wedding I witnessed yesterday. 


Pinky Marquez!


I arrived at this beautiful chapel in Guadalupe Viejo. It's called Nuestra Senora de Gracia.  Very appropriate because we all know of Pinky's devotion to Mother Mary.  She has played the role in magnificat for so long.  The chapel, with it's adobe stones and narrow structure all laid focus on the altar with images of Mama Mary in the center.  Since I was alone (Kiko had a meeting and was only able to join me for the reception), I was asked to be part of the ceremony by throwing sampaguita high in the air as Pinky was to pass by my pew.  Was wondering how I could do that and yet take a picture of her. Well, I said to myself, I'll find a way.  I took pictures of her two children, Kevin, then Karel and finally, when Pinky came in,  I was so amazed with this peaceful glow that filled the whole chapel.  I knew she was happy.  And after I took that hurried shot,  I threw the flowers in the air.  And as she passed,  I heard her say to those who were throwing flowers her way, "Don't throw them in my face."  We all laughed.


Pinky’s vj/singer/actress-daughter, Karel Marquez.


As the ceremonies went on,  I could see Pinky and Mari talking and talking, engaging Petite Marquez-Garcia in a comic exchange of "presumably" funny faces (I could only see Pinky's back) and smiles as she read the readings of the day - which was about giving advice to newlyweds.  I could just imagine, what Pinky was saying to her sister.  When it came for the wedding vows, Mari read his part clearly and with so much feelings.  But nothing prepared us for Pinky's very emotional vows.  Her voice cracked and you could hear her sobbing in between words.  How I wished I had brought my trusty videocam instead of my digital camera.  The choir sang beatifully - what with Isay Alvarez, Robert Sena and Mon David leading the singing.  And when finally, the ceremonies were over, I wanted to scream for not being able to catch the first kiss and then the tight long hug amidst the clapping and the shouts.  Anyway,  I had to console myself with a picture of the whole family in front of the altar - Pinky, Mari, Patricia, Karel and Kevin. 


Pinky’s handsome son, Kevin.


We proceeded to Valle Verde 3 Clubhouse for the reception.  The outside garden was laid out for a cocktail buffet for waiting guests.  By that time,  Kiko was already with me.  We waited for Mari and Pinky to arrive before we entered the hall.  She was so happy to see me cuz she didn't know that I was at the wedding.  How could I not go?  I was the lone representative of the batch.  There were messages from friends and family before we partook of the buffet.  Pinky and Mari also gave their thanks to those who helped with their wedding (according to Isay, 3 decades ata in the making daw)  Pinky mouthed off all the names in rapid succession.  When it came to Mari, he said "I would like to thank Fanny Serrano for my hair and make up. And also to Pinky, for showing up."

After dinner - there was a fantastic program from the Overdrive which featured Karel and then later on, Mari on the guitar and the keyboards.  Then Pinky followed with the Ola Latina Band and that started off the disco era. 


Pinky’s groom, Mari (Ateneo HS’77).


I have never seen two families so compatible with each other.  The Cancios and the Marquezes were all on the dance floor - lolo, lola, tiyo, tiya, pamankin, apo, pinsan, kapatid.  (Pati ata yaya nandoon na rin.)  Pinky, in her wedding gown, even started off a dance train as they snaked their way between tables as they danced to a latin beat.  And what was the surprise of the night was Pinky's dad performing on the percussions.  For the first time,  I didn't even take to the dance floor.  I had fun just watching them.  As I was leaving,  I passed by Pinky's Mom, Tita Nena and told her I am a Paulinian and she said "Ay! Que Guapa!  Only Paulinians are guapas."  Who am I to argue?


Kevin, Karel, Pinky, Mari and his daughter, Patricia.


When Kiko and I left,  they were still at it. Mari told us walang uuwi ng di lasing at hindi sumayaw.  So we decided to sneak out quietly.  I did a few chachacha steps with Pinky before I said goodbye.  We embraced.  I congratulated her and told her to be happy. She said "Thank you for coming. I love you."  I told her I loved her too.  I am sure she meant that for all of us and I said it too - for all of us.


Reception followed at Valle Verde Clubhouse.





Addendum _(di kasi about the wedding):

I also got to talk to Pinky’s sisters Cindy HS'74 and Petite HS'70. Told Petite that she was in the same batch as Ms. Simon.  She said "When did Emily ever become Ms. Simon?" She forgot that Ms. Simon was our music teacher.  Told them that we were being tapped by St. Paul to teach a 1-unit course about Paulinian values.  She said she was willing to teach except that she lived in Cebu.  Told Cindy to join the alumni dance troupe cuz she was not able to dance during the homecoming where HS 74 was the pearl jubilarian year.


Pinky Marquez & Sisters – on floor l-r: Marita, (Pinky HS’75), Cindy HS’74, Patricia SPCQC BS’74; on sofa l-r: Susan, Petite HS’70, Cecille SPC Pasig, Bea SPC Pasig.  (Source: SPCM HS’75 Silver Jubilee Yearbook.)


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