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Seventy-nine classmates live abroad -- 61 in the US, 6 in Canada, 6 in Europe, 2 in Japan, 2 in Australia, 1 each in Bharain and New Zealand. Seventeen live in LA, 14 in SF, 11 around NY/NJ. Nineteen live in other US cities -- Vegas to DC, Palm Beach to Boston, Corpus Christi to Buffalo.

Summer Sizzlers 2000!
"Kinchay and The BABES"  28 Aug 00, SF. Louella, Maddy, Erika, Mae, Kinchay!  Grand time!
"Hot na Hot Happening", Las Vegas NV, 12-14 Jul 00...3 days of eats, gab and music!
. "STAR Gathering",  Corpus Christi TX, 1 July 00... A South Texas Alumnae Reunion!
"June Java Jammin'", Kapelikula in Glorietta, 10 Jun 00...Materyales Fuertes, please!
"Mae and 3 Bedans", Los Angeles CA, May 00...old friendships, new beginnings!
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"Taking it easy in Corpus Christi"
Above, Kinchay Genuino and Susie Crisostomo with son Jon Kyle, hang loose during the South Texas Alumnae Reunion on 1 July 2000. Susie's an entomologist with Texas A&M in Weslaco while Kinchay's a nephrologist with Bay Area Kidney Disease Physicians in Corpus.   
"Vegas Triple H"
Absolutely Hot na Hot Happening! Ado Aclao flew in from NY, Ana A drove in from CO, and local resident Ann Arellano played host as they reveled in the 105-degree midsummer heat of Las Vegas in July 2000!  Clockwise, from above middle:
1-- AA meeting, 12 Jul: As soon as Ana hit Vegas, she immediately hooked up with Ann. They ended up dining and chatting away at The Regent, after touring "Lost" Vegas.  AA and driving mapless definitely don't mix!
2-- FBI get-together, 13 Jul: FaBulous Ilocanos Ado and Ana met at the Excalibur. After 25 years, they could hardly recognize each other at's been kind!
3-- AAA night-out, 14 Jul:  Finally, the three friends met and spent a long enjoyable evening catching up and listening to a 70's band at the Excalibur music lounge...
"Mae and Three Bedans"
Right:  During a trip to Los Angeles for the UC Alumni meeting in late May 2000, Mae Cendana sneaked out for a few hours to meet with old SBC HS'75 buds (l-r) Bubut Guitarte, George Sityar, and Seph Yu.  The Bedans gallantly treated her to lunch at Chin-Chin Restaurant and later, Starbucks... Mae says "the food was definitely great but the ambiance and company really made the meeting beyond extraordinary!"
"June Java Jammin'"
Below:  Triple J at Kapelikula Restaurant, 10 June 2000!  Enjoying the winning food and atmosphere were (right, l-r): Beth Ty, Beth Reyes, Malu Santos, Marybeth Villanueva, and Alice Cuazon.  Gracious hosts were Revilla sisters Cita , Pita (both standing) and Rossi (next to Pita in left photo).