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A Truly Intimate Paulinian Alumnae Reunion!  Grand Ballroom, Manila Polo Club, 28 Jan 2000.
TIPAR 2000!
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Clockwise, from top right:
1-- Paulinians' loved ones  L-R:  Sandiganbayan Justice Romeo Escareal (Sunny's Dad),  Engr Ponce (a Golden Jubilarian's husband), Mrs Amelia Escareal (Sunny's Mom),  Mrs Connie Enriquez (Maisa's Mom),  Golden Jubilarian Mrs Pilar Trinidad (Mona's Mom),  Sister Susan,  Mr Jose Jovellanos (Lia and Sarita's Dad),  Mr and Mrs Dominador Soriente (Myrna's parents)
2--The Crisostomo sisters --Terai HS'79, Lisa HS'83 and Susie HS'75, Girlie Bernardo, Mona Dolor, Cris Alvina.
3-- Daisy Santillan's hubby - Ted Dulay,  Daisy, Susan Milan, Marissa Maceda, Laurie Manalo, Rocky Yupangco (standing).
4-- Joyce Tioseco's hubby - Dave Froelich, Joyce, Ted and Daisy Dulay, Sherry Fernandez and children, Rocky Yupangco.
5-- Pita Revilla and Sherry Fernandez share a moment with the Budhranis: Ashok, Bina (Melwani), Kamlesh, Ashwin, and Roshan.
6--Ms Valera's fellow balikbayan from Denmark, Ms Jaramillo, Ms Garcia, Ms Lucasan
6--Carol Gochoco, Myrna Soriente, Daisy, Eileen Niguidula HS'76, Belinda Arellano HS'76, Suzanne Camacho,  Sunny, Florian Nuval, Ludgie Sioson
7-- Sr Mary George, Sr Bernadette (SPC Paranaque), Sr Susan (SPCQC), Sunny 
8--Carol Gochoco, Susan Milan, Marissa Maceda, Laurie Manalo, Maddy Zamora.

Footnote:  There are 5 doctors on this page -- Florian is a DVM from UP, Myrns and Eileen were classmates at DLSU Med School, Carol has a Ph. D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from UMass/Harvard, and Susie holds a Ph. D. in Entomology from Purdue...
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